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Name: Fred Sone
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Academy: Pallet
Pokedex Color: Green

Description: Fred is a lean, medium tall boy with semi-curly and very blonde hair that reaches just below his ears and falls down as curled bangs across his forehead. He hasn't gotten any facial hair yet, something he is both relieved and terrified about at the same time. His face is rather pointy and slim, with a sharp nose and chin and prominent cheekbones and even though he's been called beautiful sometimes, sadly it all has a strangely non-manly tone to it. Running for exercise and playing football and other sports casually with friends, Fred has lean and decent muscles even though they don't show unless he really tries to flex them. So he can't impress girls with that, but at least he's thin rather than fat like the guys that sit in front of their computers all day long. The tone of his skin is very bright and becomes easily burned in strong sunlight. Luckily, he often gets a decent enough tan when the redness fades away.

For clothing, Fred usually wears long sleeved t-shirts, often bright ones like yellow or white. On top of that, he will wear a dark green jacket with a hood on his journey. For trousers, he most often wears slim bright or black jeans that fit his figure perfectly. On his feet, canvas shoes like white Converse are common, even though he somehow manages to tear them way too quickly. He will carry a brown shoulder-bag and have a peculiar silver watch on his left wrist, with a build in compass that always seems to point in the wrong direction. He also carries around a coin at all times. No special coin, just at least one coin for flipping in times of need.

Personality: Fred is a constant dreamer. He is of the distinct belief that fate is real and always goes around wishing for things to happen, because he believes that if he wishes hard enough, it might come true. He is hopeless when it comes to making decisions; this is why he always makes sure to carry around some coins, for flipping when he needs to make a difficult decision. There is no such thing as luck, he thinks, so whatever decision the coin makes for him, it's gotta be the right one! "Luck" is just someone somewhere poking around in the game of our lives, making the right pieces do the right things at the right time. Yeah, he has got it all figured out but he hasn't been able to convince others of this belief yet. Nor himself properly, either.

Fred is also very romantic, or at least he wants to be. But for some reason, all the girls he meets seem to place him in the "friend zone" almost immediately. They call him funny, beautiful, smart and then usually - soon enough - proceed to utter the words "you are like a brother to me". Most of his close friends are girls and he both loves and hates it. Some guys have been calling him gay because of this, which sucks since he's so very not. Easily understandable for us who know but not for his friends, Fred is really waiting for the love of his life to find him and see him for the man he really is. And not as a brother.

When he is alone, Fred can become way too thoughtful and daydream a lot. When he is with others, he is usually quite the normal guy but perhaps a bit more sarcastic and easily flustered than a macho man would be. He wants to try and be more manly but always end up being too much of a soft gentleman instead, which is the reason for his reputation. Hopelessly helpful, he can never step away when someone needs a helping hand, no matter if it's saving someone from drowning or carrying some heavy bag. He darkly blames his upbringing.

History: Fred was born and raised in Pallet Town. A true, blue Pallet kid in other words. His mother was a singer when she was younger and now she works as the music teacher in the local school. Her biggest motto is: Life is a song, so sing it as loud as you can! When Fred started school, she made him join a choir, where his naturally great voice was much appreciated. But he got picked on by the boys in his school class and so he quit after just one year, much to his mother's sadness.

Mr Sone is a photographer for the only local newspaper. He works a lot, but that's mostly because he also takes photos for the sake of art, daily. Mr Sone also has a motto: Photos are memories and memories are you! He runs an online forum for people interested in photography and other art, and is always busy with new strange art projects; some of which he has forced Fred to be part of throughout the years. An especially horrible one was a series of baby photos with baby Fred dressed up as different Disney characters with photoshopped backgrounds. It even won a price and is still talked about on the forum, but Fred swears that if his classmates ever found the Baby Disney collection, his reputation would never even have a chance of changing. Now he still clings to the chance that he might one day be seen as a proper man and not as every girl's best softie gay-friend.

Pokémon has always been part of Fred's life. His mother keeps a Jigglypuff and used to have a Whismur but the latter recently evolved into Loudred and is causing her quite the headache now. Mr Sone keeps a Mankey and a Beautifly who both assist him in his work in different ways. Especially Whismur and Beautifly were Fred's playmates when he was younger and he likes Loudred even better now. He always assumed that he'd go and become a pokémon trainer at some point in his life, he just didn't really plan on when. When he heard some of his girlfriends - sorry, girl friends - applying for a spot at Oak's academy, he jumped the bandwagon and did so too.

Surprisingly, he got in. His grades in school had never been anything special, but in the year he went to the pokémon academy, it appeared as if he had a natural talent for handling pokémon. He liked to believe that it was because pokémon training is not about numbers or facts - it's about emotion and "luck", really meaning fate! Which kind of is his specialty. He graduated after one year, not with the best grades but good enough to get among the top five and get the chance to start his life as a trainer for real.

Theme: Anamanaguchi - Another Winter

Example Role-Play: It was a hot summer night in Pallet Town. From the Sone house came tones of loud singing that were even more shrieking than usual since Mrs Sone had recently tried to begin singing opera. Mr Sone encouraged her like a dutiful husband, but Fred didn't feel such obligations. Therefore, he allowed himself to close the door to his room firmly on the top floor and sink down on his very own couch - a lime green and very wide one - with a deep sigh. He stared up into the ceiling for several minutes before anything moved in his room again.

The movement came from the open window. A butterfly pokémon fluttered in, landed on Fred's desk and yawned largely. When it spotted the boy on the couch, it shone up into a tired smile and hovered over to settle on top of his chest, barely startling him.

"Hi Beauto," Fred said softly and patted the pokémon on its head. His mother's bug pokémon usually went to sleep as soon as the sun went down. Beauto had probably been flying around looking for girls outdoors and forgotten the time. He wasn't young anymore, but that didn't seem to stop his flirtatious mind.

"I had a long day," Fred said absentmindedly, half to himself and half to Beauto. "The names of the top trainers in the academy were released. And... there were five names."

Beauto sneezed.

"And one of them was mine!"

Beauto blinked as Fred sat up and chuckled. "I'm going to be a pokémon trainer. Not just some local kid with a pokéball in his hand. A real trainer. I'll... I'll do fine." He nodded, as to convince himself. The Beautifly nodded too, with a smile and another yawn.

The slim, blonde boy got up and walked up to the window. Pallet looked so boring in the dusk. It looked boring at daytime too. It was a boring town, the town where he had lived his whole life. The town where people had a distinct opinion of him and where he couldn't seem to hope to change it any time soon. How he had wished so many times that something would happen that would force him to chance. And now it had!

So why was he a bit gloomy? Not overjoyed? Well, for a boy with as many friends as Fred really had, it's not an easy thing leaving your hometown behind. Plus, no matter how much he says that his mother steps on his nerves constantly and how freaky he believes his father to be, he still loves them. To be without them for months at a time... he had never experienced that before. He just had to bring a cellphone, or else he would probably die of loneliness before two days had gone by.

Something moved in his room again. Beauto flickered his wings vividly and then yawned a third and largest time before he settled himself comfortably on top of a cushion on the couch and fell asleep. The tiniest of snores started floating through the room towards Fred and he chuckled a little again.

No, he wouldn't be alone, come to think of it. The professor would give him a pokémon, and after that he would be able to capture even more of them. Pokémon were already his friends; it shouldn't be too hard to find new ones. Better ones. Ones that connected even better with him and who understood him.

"I know you always understood me too," he felt obligated to whisper though, with a glance at the butterfly before he went over to his bed and undressed for the night. His mother's singing had already stopped, thankfully.

Sleep didn't come easy. Partly because he was nervous. And partly because... because he was nervous about other things. A journey through Kanto wasn't all bliss and success these days. Rumors and news had been spreading about some criminal gang going around. Luckily, his parents didn't watch TV much, so they hadn't realized how serious it was. But the whole academy was buzzing about it, even though the teachers had been trying to calm the students down. Trainers with rare pokémon such as the academy's starters, and with the even rarer invention that is the pokédex... they were almost likely to be targeted by such a gang at some point. The thought made Fred shudder. He hoped luck would have it that he could save some cute girl from a thug rather than become robbed himself. No, not luck, of course. Fate. He should be fated to. He deserved some good fate, did he not?

As he lay in bed, slowly drifting closer to sleep at last, faces of the chosen trainers whirled around in his mind. Up until now, his companions and colleagues. From now on, his rivals. And the hieroglyphs... spinning around next to the faces. Replacing the faces. Forming illegible words and symbols... wait, what? What hieroglyphs?

All of a sudden, a burning sensation struck Fred and he gasped and sat up straight. Beauto lay on his back on the couch, not easily awaken. It still wasn't even midnight.

What was that strange feeling? Had he just... been burned? Fred raised his wrist to stare at where he usually had his silver watch. Nothing. Must have been in the dream. A dream of... symbols. Seriously, what weird movie had he been watching lately? He had to go back to sleep now. Tomorrow, he would probably start training harder. Only one month until his new life began. Only one... month... Zzz.


Pokemon: Bulbasaur
Nickname: -
Gender: Male

Personality: Bulbasaur is quite the laid back figure. He never worries unless he's really got reason to. Like when he is in apparent danger. Like in battle. He is usually friendly, calm and happy and looks on Fred's antics with a smile and a shake of the head.

Unique Traits: Bulbasaur is fascinated by fire and snow, heat and sheer cold, but dislikes rain and bathing. This might make fire and ice attacks slightly less effective on him, but at the same time might make water attacks more effective than on other grass pokémon.
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