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    Naren Warren

    Naren looked curiously at her new Pokemon as they left the lab, Pokeballs and various items unceremoniously stuffed into the tiny bag she had stuffed with her. Note to self, when she could find one for her pants, get a belt for her Pokeballs. Her Pikachu looked back, looking completely not amused by today's turn of events. Heck he hadn't been expecting cool, awesome person, but this person's idea of appearance, heck even personality, were just lame. Sad thing was, she probably knew that.

    Seemed there was no choice then. He had no choice but to make her amazing and because he was the best thing since Pokeblocks and the Pokemon League, he would of course, do this. So the nameless 'chu gave her a look of a raised eyebrow, the general way of saying "what?" in all languages.

    The young teen frowned miserably, practically wilting where she stood. It figured. Stupid and hopelessly cowardly. Would the wonders never cease?. "Jes'... wonderin' if yeh' wanted a name..." The Pikachu let out a "chu" of annoyed inquisition before nodding. Naren chewed her lip. "Ehm... I was thinkin' of... Zeus...." She trailed off, looking contrite. The Pikachu thought about it. Zeus was some god somewhere... heheh, him, a god? Sounded good to him. He nodded, causing a small, eager smile to rise to her face. "Then... less' go okay?" Another nod and the two of them went onto the first route. Or in Naren's case, back onto the first route.

    "Is so quiet..." Naren mumbled as they walked, first word slurring horribly. Zeus shrugged. Yeah maybe to her human ears. He could hear every little scratch on the dirt. Though he was a Pikachu... There was a particularly loud scratching not too far away, causing Zeus to growl in that direction. "Whassa matter..."

    Zeus didn't reply, merely leaped irritably toward a rustling patch of grass. Now that she looked at it, there was a soft white aura coming in contact with the pale red of her Zeus. The squeaky roar was followed by two blurs rolling out of the taller foliage into view. Her Pikachu was gnawing on a paw of a Zigzagoon, who abruptly knocked him off before growling angrily at the offending mouse.

    The Pikachu crossed his stubby arms and glared. "Did you just growl at me, punk?" He smirked. "Me? God on PokeEarth?"

    The Zigzagoon snorted. "God of morons yeah." Zeus scoffed and squeaked irritably at his trainer. Naren, who had been observing this curiously, went over. Then her brain caught on. This was a Pokemon battle. Gosh for someone who was so good with the fellas, she sure was slow at this.

    She glanced at her Pokedex entry for Pikachu and nodded to herself. She had to get her head in the game. Zeus needed her. "All-ight..." she said softly. "Zeus, um... Doubleslap." Thankfully her quiet voice was audible to the Pikachu, who snorted and charged forward toward the Zigzagoon.

    "Eat tail!" he ordered, spinning onto his back legs to smack the raccoon over and over. Zigzagoon chomped on the offending object, causing Zeus to yowl with rage. "I didn't mean literally! Fry!" He released a bright Thundershock, which, having been released from his tail, this naturally hurt.

    "Shake 'em off!" Naren ordered quickly. She had found her groove, at least a little. Despite that, Zeus scowled from pain and irritation.

    "WHADDAYA THINK I'M TRYIN' TO DO?" he squeaked in anger at her.

    Naren frowned, not understanding this at all. However, seeing how angry he was made it... very easy to guess. "Use Doubleslap!"

    Zeus groaned. "With this nutjob on my tail? What are you... oh." The Zigzagoon's beady black eyes widened as Zeus planted all four paws on the ground and proceeded to smack his tail back and forth against the ground. After a few well done smacks, the Normal type crawled away, letting go. But of course, the stubborn little nut, he proceeded to ram Zeus into the nearby tree.

    "How do you like me now?" it yowled, only to see Zeus smirk in pain. His cheeks sparked with fury as he whispered.

    "This is for my tail dipwad." Electricity proceeded to explode, albeit weakened by the tree.

    Naren sighed a little. At least there's one thing I know he'll do... She pulled out a Pokeball and enlarged it. Then she threw, hoping to catch the little critter and apologize.
    "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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