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    The major reason for the lack of interest in Pokemon Franchise by younger generations is that,the pokemon craze that was sweeping the world over the last decade or so has died down a little.At that time,pokemon was like a new phenomenon,unknown to all and was seen as the next big thing to hit the world.Many of the people were only drawn to this franchise because of the hype surrounding it around the world.But,as people started to know the franchise,they got more and more interested in it and were finally hooked to it.Nintendo,also realizing and utilizing this opportunity launched a series of card games,mangas and various other products to satisfy our appetites.But,for the younger generation,this type of exposure is not available at such a large scale.Various other things have taken the place of pokemon at world stage,though it still commands more than respectable share of followers, most f whom were there from the start or have been influenced by someone who was there at the beginning to witness it all.

    But,inspite of these challenges, I saw more young people playing and talking about playing pokemon 2-3 years ago than any other franchise.So,the magic of Pokemon still commands a strong presence among the youngsters.
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