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    Name : Adam
    Skill(s) : Artist/Mapper/Writer
    Proof Of Work : Well since I havent posted 15 times I cant post a link to my work, but if you PM me I would be more than happy to show you some of my sketches. I am actually pretty good at drawing so please take my offer seriously.
    Past Experience : I have been drawing practicaly as long as I remember, and I have taken a few college art classes. As far as mapping goes I pretty good at making mazes/puzzles, I've also developed/designed 3d maps for games like CS and Team Fortress 2; so I know how to make a balanced map. And Lastly I read and write quite often so I understand what drives a story and makes it compelling.
    Skype/MSN : I dont have either of these programs, but I could fix that very easily.
    Time Zone : Pacific Standar (US and Canada)

    Thanks for your consideration.