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I do enjoy the incorporation of seasons into the game, even if I've only personally seen Autumn and Winter in game (but I will finally see Spring when I play later).

I like that, for Winter at least, there seems to be random weather throughout the seasons, too. One day it might be snowing or hailing in one area, and the next it is clear skies.

I might have liked if the seasons were actually a little bit shorter. It took me just a little over a month to beat the game when playing on and off, so I never got to see the changes by the time I made it to Icirrus City, Twist Mountain, etc. Personally I think that a week would be way too short, but maybe if the seasons changed twice a month (ex: Spring - Sept. 1-15, Summer - Sept. 16-30, Autumn - Oct. 1-15, Winter - Oct 16-31, etc.). Then you would get the seasons changing a little more often, but it would still be more than enough time to enjoy them.

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