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Sara decided that she needed a break, and decided it was lunch time. She put down her backpack and looked for a sandwich. As she ate she began thinking to herself, I wonder if I'm late, no there's no way I am. I wonder what a his lab looks like, and what my first pokemon will be. She ignored a growl from the tall grass nearby and continued to eat. The growling grew louder, as if it was moving closer and closer. Sara sighed and looked up.
There was a zigzagoon glaring at her, she began to get excited, "Hey you look like a normal type!" She cheered, excited at the thought of catching her first pokemon. "I bet you'd love to go with me huh!" she jumped at it with the intent of hugging it. The pokemon on the other hand took it as an act of aggression, and tackled her at the same time. "Ow! What'd you do that for huh?" The zigzagoon growled and showed it's teeth. "You looking for a fight? You clearly don't know how many pokemon I've had to fight before." She got in a stance, she wasn't sure if fighting a pokemon was a way to catch it but this was more self-defense now.
The zigzagoon began to charge, this time at full speed. It caught Sara off guard knocking her off her feet. She managed to roll over and stand just before a second charge. This time Sara braced herself and took the second tackle, It isn't that big so there is no way I can strike back at it without hurting it. She kept blocking the tackles, she could feel her arms getting tired. I know! I can try to subdue it in a hold, that way it won't me and I won't hurt it. She waited for the next tackle, sidestepped and grabbed the zigzagoon firmly between her arms.
The zigzagoon struggled for about an hour before they both tired out. The zigzagoon stopped moving and eventually calmed down. "Do you want some food? I think I have some berries Norman gave me in my bag." She released the pokemon and got out a bag of blue berries, "I'm not sure what kind these are but they sound like the region I'm from!" The zigzagoon sniffed the berries and cautiously started to eat them, Sara began to pet the pokemon as it ate. The zigzagoon became startled but ignored her and enjoyed the free treat. "I know! Maybe I can catch you in a ball!" She ran to her pack and looked for the pokeball Norman gave her. She waited for the pokemon to eat and came up to it. She began to speak out loud, "How does this thing work? Do I just throw it?" She looked at the ball and saw the button on the front, "Oh maybe if this touches the pokemon it will capture them!" She held it up to the zigzagoon and let it sniff it, then she touched it to the pokemon's forehead.
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