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    Originally Posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ View Post
    I hate him. IMO the worst aspect of the games. He's not the "ultimate" anything; his team is horribly weak. His only claim to fame (which others have mentioned, and according to GF's logic) is that he was the first protagonist and they chose to cram him in the next set of games. Doesn't change the fact that I'm sick of him getting preferential treatment because of that. His fifteen minutes of fame (shame?) should've been up long ago, but GF continues to string him along and, like it or not, gamers have to play along. I know I'd be perfectly fine if he never reared his ugly head again.

    But at least the other protagonists aren't suffering defeat after crushing defeat like he is. So in that sense, maybe it's better that the others don't show up.

    tl;dr: He's there because he's the first (but hardly the best), I don't like it, but that's out of our hands and in GF's hands.

    Oh, and there was a female protagonist in FR/LG too. Just sayin'. Of course if the assumption is that none of the others' journeys resulted in the championship title either, it's a moot point, but still...
    As mentioned countless times before, Green (Blue in japan) {no not leaf} does not exist outside of fire red or leaf green. She would not exist if gamefreak didn't fear potential lawsuits for not including the femal protagonist option in fr/lg. Essentially, canon wise she does not exist on the story.

    While its your opinion, i'm telling you now i am not going to tolerate your religious hate spam about red in every post. If all you feel like doing is expressing your unwanted hatred of Red. Most of us do not care about your obession with green. If that is all you intend to post, please do not post and save us the trouble of having to repeat ourselves for the umpteenth time.
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