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Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Hailey seemed to hear Tim's question and abruptly fall silent, her brows narrowing a bit in thought. Well, that was a question she didn't get asked often. It honestly took her a moment to answer him. "...I fight for a cause, not material gain." she said in a rather thoughtful, yet firm tone. Her attention drifted to Tim briefly. She wasn't done yet, however. "However, there is /one/ thing I seek to gain--attunement through atonement--Satisfaction." Hailey continued. She did not seem to have a non-serious mode. What did that statement imply anyway? It was, in all fairness, very cryptic in nature. Even if one understood the words that escaped her mouth it was difficult to tell what she meant by them as the statement was quite vague, partially due to the fact that her use of the word satisfaction was... obsolete.

Hailey turned to acknowlede Ignis as he stated that perhaps he had different motives for wanting to do this. Her response was to stare at him for a brief moment with a somewhat apathetic look on her face and shrug. As if where she stood was not already clear enough, she then spoke. "When the time comes, if we cannot agree on a course of action, we will have to part ways. For now, that does not seem to be a problem. I'm interested in results, not petty conflicts over morality from those that cannot or aren't willing to grasp the scope of my ideals, never mind the ultimate truths they're derived from."

Oddly enough, Hailey did not so much as glance at either Tim or Arcea as she said this, despite the fact that it might seem to have been plausibly aimed at either of them. A more important detail was the fact that... Hailey did not speak like a child! She spoke like an adult! In fact, she acted more like an adult than most of the adults themselves! Yet she was clearly, visible speaking, just a little girl. ...How do you suppose that happens?

Meanwhile, Arcea remained deathly silent. Her expression was serious, and she appeared to be observing Hailey with her arms crossed.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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