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    Originally Posted by Requility View Post
    Yeah agreeing with previous poster about the constant weather. If only it could detect the exact weather each day but no 3DS is capable of that yet. ;(

    As for my own thoughts? Seasons were an awesome feature. It made Unova ever so pretty! I wish it had more of a background role though, like blowing leaves and all, other than in Route 1.

    And Cyclone, I'd... just set the clock back. XD; I do love that seasons are short and therefore if you wanted to go for the waiting method then it's not that long n_n
    Funny you should say that. I'm thinking of checking my Activity Log, picking a day where I didn't do much, and recording playtime in the log for that date. During such time, I get Spheal.

    I'm not worried about the trade for Munchlax; I'll still be poking around on my Pokédex completion mission come October and will acquire it then.

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