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    Heres my next update.

    • Swimmy handled Blaine's gym well.
    • After I beat the gym, I get taken by bill to the islands. (One island, two island, and three island) I'm a little fuzzy on the details on what happened here since I did everything as fast as possible (I did NOT want to be here) Here's what I remember.
    • Bill takes me to one island and tells me to go do some stuff at two island
    • I go to two island and then get told to do some stuff at three island by bills friend. (At this point, I was very annoyed)
    • I go to three island and battled some trainers
    • While heading to berry forest, I kill some random pokemon on bond bridge( I can't remember what it was)
    • When I arrived at berry forest on three island, I use repels the whole way so I can catch the Hypno at the end. ( I was successful)
    • Once I do everything bill wanted me to do, he takes me back to Cinnabar Island
    • Once back on Cinnabar, I fly to Viridian City for the final gym battle
    • I decide to battle some random guy at the gym so I can judge the strength of the gym and end up losing Weed in the process
    • I leave the gym in anger since Weed died and decided to go train

    • I decide to train around route 19 and 20 since there was still plenty of trainers over there
    • In both route 19 and 20, I encounter low level tentacuel and decide not to catch them
    • In the seafoam islands, I encounter a zubat. Really? Then I remember that Articuno is inside and curse myself
    • I decide to head back to the Viridian Gym and and see how I fare this time. I will not take any unnessary risks and will head back to train if needed
    • I don't know where I will train if my pokemon are too low leveled for the gym. There's still some trainers around route 21 but that's pretty much it. Maybe I will go visit One, Two, and Three Island


    Here's what happened. First, everything is going great in the Viridian City Gym, with Psychidelic, Swimmy, and Plant doing all the work. Then, I start battling a trainer with a level 43 Rhyhorn, Psychidelic was leading and at level 33 and no type advantage, I decide Swimmy is much better qualified for this since he knew Ice Beam and Surf. So i shift in Swimmy and guess what the Rhyhorn uses. Horn Drill. The moment I saw those words, I was horrified, desperatly hoping it would miss. It didn't. The move landed and scored a One-Hit KO. I flipped and sent out Plant since he was the only one who could defeat the Rhyhorn in one attack. Rhyhorn was defeated and Psychidelic leveled up. Whoopie. I said I wasn't going to take any risks but forgot about the fact that Rhyhorns can learn Horn Drill. Sea Dragon the Gyarados will most likely replace Swimmy's spot.
    R.I.P Swimmy


    I managed to defeat the rest of the trainers in the gym without another death.
    The rest of this update will mostly focus on the battle with Giovanni.
    Plant leads in the battle and was a good thing too since Giovanni's first pokemon was a level 45 Rhyhorn. I quickly defeat the Rhyhorn with a Giga Drain. Giovanni sends out his next pokemon, another Rhyhorn, but level 50. I keep in Plant and defeat the Rhyhorn, once again, with Giga Drain. I won't lose another pokemon to Horn Drill. He's about to send out Dugtrio, so I shift in Sea Dragon. If things go bad, Plant is going right back in. Level 42. Pretty strong except Sea Dragon's Intimidate cuts his attack and it seems he can only use Slash since Sea Dragon is part Flying type. The first Surf leaves Dugtrio with a sliver of HP. Giovanni quickly uses a Hyper Potion, but it is not enough. The second Surf takes him out completly. Nidoqueen is next. I ponder who to send in. Sea dragon took out a Nidoqueen earlier, but this one will likely be much stronger, so I send out Plant. The Nidoqueen is level 44. Not too strong, but I won't risk Sea Dragon. Plant uses Giga Drain which doesn't even get Nidoqueen in the yellow. Nidoqueen then uses Earthquake which does minor damage. I decide to use Solar Beam to hopefully end it. Plant gathers light while Nidoqueen used Earthquake again. Plant survives, but Nidoqueen does not. Plant then levels up to level 50. Nidoking is his next pokemon. While Plant is hurt, he's the only one who I trust to not die from one hit from Giovanni's pokemon. I use Giga Drain to get some HP back. It's the same thing with Nidoqueen. It doesn't get it in the yellow and Nidoking uses Earthquake. I decide Solar Beam is the best option and I'm rewarded with a defeated Nidoking. Nidoking was his last pokemon. I won! And with no losses in the battle. It's a shame Swimmy and Weed died in this gym, but there's nothing I can do now. I'm also rewared with TM26 Earthquake. The next stop, the Elite 4 and League Champion!

    I will likely update in the same way I did now with each Elite 4 member and the champion. I'll probably do some training first. Let's hope I update soon!
    Current Team

    Plant the Venasaur Lv50
    Bird the Fearow Lv35
    Spikey the Jolteon Lv42
    Fatty the Snorlax Lv33
    Psychidelic the Hypno Lv33
    Sea Dragon the Gyarados Lv34


    route 1 killed a pidgey
    route 2 killed a weedle
    viridian forest captured a Lv3 pikachu named her Mouse
    route 3 caught a Lv7 spearow named her Bird
    mt. moon caught a Lv8 geodude named her Rock
    route 4 caught a second Lv10 spearow later traded it for a far'fetched in vermillion
    route 5 caught a Lv13 oddish named it Weed
    route 6 caught a Lv12 meowth named it Rufus(the name of one of my cats)
    route 24 can't remember what i killed
    route 25 caught a Lv13 pidgey named it Pidgen
    vermillion city traded a second spearow for a Lv10 Far'fetched named Ch'ding o.o
    digglet's cave caught a Lv19 digglet named it Mole
    route 11 caught a Lv12 ekans named it Snake(forgot that ekans is snake backwards)
    route 9 caught a spearow named Raptor
    route 10 caught a voltorb named Pokeball
    rock tunnel caught a onix named Boulder
    celadon city got a eevee named spiky
    pokemon tower caught a gastly named ghost
    route 12 caught a snorlax named fatty
    route 17 caught a dodou named doublebird
    caught a gyarados in the little pond in fuchsia city named sea dragon
    caught a nidoran male in saffari zone
    silph co got a lapras named swimmy
    fighting dojo got a hitmonchan named boxer
    route 21 killed a tangela
    pokemon lab revived a omanyte
    pokemon mansion killed a growlithe
    Bond bridge can't remember what I killed
    Berry forest caught a Hypno named Psychidelic
    route 19 killed a tentacuel
    route 20 killed a tentacuel
    seafoam islands kill a zubat


    rapter the spearow Lv19
    ghost the gastly Lv15
    doublebird the dodou Lv26
    boxer the hitmonchan Lv25
    rabbit the nidoran(m) Lv25
    omanyte(forgot to name her) Lv5


    Rock the Geodude Lv8-Lv17
    Mouse the Pikachu Lv3-Lv19
    Snake the Ekans Lv12-Lv16
    Mole the Digglet Lv19-Lv19
    Pidgen the Pidgeotto Lv13-Lv21
    Ch'ding thhe Far'fetched Lv10-Lv17
    Pokeball the Voltorb Lv16-Lv17
    Rufus the Meowth Lv12-Lv23
    Boulder the Onix Lv15-Lv25
    Weed the Gloom Lv13-Lv32
    Swimmy the Lapras Lv25-Lv35
    War never