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    Originally Posted by darthjp View Post
    I can give you both Thundurus and Tornadus for the SMR2012 Keldeo and the adamant Movie 12 Keldeo if that's ok.....if you don't want them both we can trade just for the SMR2012 one.

    kk sounds good we'll trade 2 for 2 then

    I can't trade now I have to get ready for work but I'll be home later (around 10:30PM EST).

    Of course we'll be using my White FC btw.

    Friend Codes (Mainly Use 5th Gen):

    WHITE - 2022 6408 0629
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    Also have Pokemon Pearl, Platinum, and SoulSilver.
    I even have a JPN Pokemon HeartGold.
    However I rarely use my 4th Gen Games for WiFi anymore.