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Pokemon following you around like in Yellow, HG/SS: I personally enjoyed this feature, but it would need to undergo tweaks if I wanted it to come back. First, it should be completely optional, and secondly, you should be able to choose which of your Pokemon was to follow you, not just the first in your party.
Bring the Berry trees back: If they want to, by all means, bring them back. Personally, I would just pick them and move along, but I know that others actually did plant and water berries to use.
New Battle system (6 on 6, etc.): I think that the idea of triple and rotational battles is already a little ridiculous, so I don't think we need to go any further than what we already have (I don't even like doing double battles, never mind a possible 6 on 6).
Multiple Regions: I'm on the fence with this. It would really depend on how a new region was implemented, and if it was one that we had already seen or not.
Battle Frontier return: I did like some of the facilities at the Battle Frontier more than others, but it did provide a good challenge post-game, so I'd be all for it's return.
New Starter types: The Grass/Fire/Water triangle works just fine, and while I know that people have come up with others like Electric/Water/Ground that would technically work, I don't see them messing with tradition any time soon.
Dark type Gym Leader: Doesn't matter to me either way if there is or isn't one. I would expect it to be added in a Gen VI game, but I wouldn't care if it wasn't.
Tournament instead of the Elite Four: Could be interesting, but there is nothing wrong with the Elite Four the way it is. If you want to add tournaments and things on the side that's fine, but they should leave the E4 the way it is.
Return of Team Rocket: They've already disbanded twice, so I don't see much future for them. But, there could always be an exception for this.
New Eeveelutions: Another one that I'm on the fence about. Part of me thinks that they've already added too many, and they should give up on it while they can. But another part of me feels that they've already done 7/17 Eeveelutions, why stop now?
New storyline (Not the old ten year old sets out to be champ and stop bad guys): While it would be a nice change of pace, what would the main conflict of a story be then? If there is no fight of good vs. evil, then the story becomes awfully bland while playing through it. I like that we are still given different villainous teams, yet they all have different goals and values, so it doesn’t feel like the same story every time. I wouldn’t mind if the player character was a bit older, but again, Pokemon is mainly catering to the younger audience, so while it would be nice to have a more mature storyline with older characters, it probably won’t happen.

Some other things that I might like to see out of a Gen VI game would be:

- Player customization. Not necessarily full customization, but even the ability to change our player’s clothes would be alright. It does get a little boring to see our player wearing the same thing the entire game, so even when our character changed for things like the Pokeathlon or Super Contests, it was exciting.
- Certain HM’s as key items? Things like Surf, Cut and Flash could be taken care of with these, and it would keep us from having to use HM slaves on our teams. Either that, or follow the direction of B/W where the use of HM’s isn’t needed to completely follow the story.
- Maybe a game based in the future? The original games were made all the way back in 1996, which is more than 15 years ago. Maybe we could go back to Kanto in a game that comes out around 2016 (probably the tail end of Gen VI) where we see how much the region has changed over the last two decades, possibly with the inclusion of Johto and the Sevii Islands. This would be the only way that I would want to see a return of Team Rocket or more than one region in a game.