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    Originally Posted by Blue Emerald View Post
    It'd be more accurate to say you might be able to pass the move on to its offspring, but only under proper circumstances. Same goes for Tentacruel and Pikachu. Sunflora can pass on Double-Edge regardless of gender so long as another Pokemon in its Egg Group has the attack.
    I didn't think about it when I made him say that text. The script will be modified a little bit because there are also two bugs with it not shown in the video but I'll also do something about the last sentence Ritch says. To make it a "fair game", I'll probably make it so that Sharpen is not an egg move at all.

    Originally Posted by CycloneGU View Post
    I wonder if you can have the TM suddenly available for purchase after the event occurs?
    "Impossible" (because he doesn't teach you a TM move). It would be easier to modify the routine so that egg moves could be learned from the female species in under special circumstances instead of doing this.

    If Sharpen was made to be a TM move instead, doing this would be simple though.

    Anyway, after I finish this and the following move tutor scripts, I won't bother doing anything about this subject anymore. It has really nothing at all to do with the hack and I suppose most of you couldn't care less whether you can obtain pokemon with the same movesets as gym leaders can if you knew what's going to happen in the game. Where I'm trying to come with this is the fact that a lot of players will probably even skip the remaining gyms in the game because they're optional, and they'll rather continue with the storyline-based gameplay other than beating gym leaders for TMs or items.

    There is so much I could spoil about the hack and the storyline but I'll rather let you wait until I one day get Beta 4 released. When that time comes, you'll finally understand what this hack is all about. What I can say though is that the new support banner has a clear meaning behind it.
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