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Jerome passed by a few trainers battling with their pokemon as he walked through route 101 toward Littleroot town. He glanced at some female trainer that was younger than him throwing a Pokeball at a Vulpix. Her Skitty had wounded the Vulpix, but the fire type still had some fight it seemed. Jerome didn’t stop to see if the Pokemon was caught since it wasn’t any of his business. He was heading to meet Professor Birch to complete a task the Professor had given him with the promise of a small amount og money which Jerome desperately needed.

Walking into the small town, Jerome looked around to catch his bearing and quickly spotted the lab which was larger than all the other buildings in the town. He then walked the most direct route toward the Lab. An old lady who was walking in the opposite direction pasted by him and muttered to herself, “Another spoiled brat going to the professor for a free pokemon. Back in my day…” Jerome glanced at her for a second a bit confused, but he quickly realized today must be one of those “see the professor to start your adventure days.” ‘Great I hope I don’t have to wait in line to get my paycheck,’ thought Jerome as he approached the green single glass panel reinforced door. Opening the door Jerome was relieved not to see a crowd of kids waiting for their Pokemon. After he stepped inside the research lab it was clear he was the only visitor there and the professor was in the back engrossed with something on a computer screen. Seeing the white lab coat wearing man, Jerome started walking him as he pulled out the small satchel and made sure everything was in there.

Hearing Jerome approach, the Professor said over his shoulder, “I’ll be with you in a minute with your Pokemon… just need to finish this first...”
Jerome continued forward while saying, “I’m not here for a Pokemon… I’ve got those notes and pictures you wanted.” He then tossed a bag with a camera and some sloppy written notes in it on the table next to Birch, whose eyes quickly darted up to look at Jerome.

Smiling the Professor stood up and offered his hand to Jerome while saying, “Welcome! Sorry today I helped out some new trainers by giving them their pokemon, thought you were another new trainer.”

Jerome smiled and took the Professor’s hand while saying, “It’s not a problem. I hope I got what you were looking for. I’m good at getting to the spots you wanted me to go, but it took me the longest time to figure out your camera. Then getting a shot was not easy either.”

The Professor picked up the bag, glanced at the notes then picked up the camera and started glancing through the pictures with mixed expressions. “Well most of these pictures are no good, but you seem to have gotten lucky a few times as well… Some of this is really useful. However your hand writing and spelling is horrendous. I might be able to read some of this… Overall though, much of this will be valuable to my research. Let me go get your payment then.” The Professor then stood up and went to a large book case off to their right and pulled out several books revealing a hidden safe which he began to open. He pulled out more than the money he had offered Jerome for the job and walked over to the teenager and offered him several Pokeballs as well.

Jerome instantly looked uncomfortable at the sight of the Pokeballs and he said, “Professor no offense, but I have no interest in being a trainer… I’ll just stick to my lifestyle of enthusiastic walks through the woods and mountain climbing.”

Birch looked at Jerome and said, “Why do you not want to be a trainer? A Pokemon can help get you out of trouble or save your life if something goes wrong. Plus they are great company.”

Jerome looked at the balls and muttered, “I don’t want any company… I don’t want to be responsible for anything else. I don’t like being responsible for something else since then my actions might hurt someone other than myself.”
Birch shook his head and said, “Please take this Torchic… I can’t trust him to any new aspiring trainer. He is stubborn and independent… and just goes to his own beat. I think he is a lot like you, and so you two would be a perfect match.”

Jerome looked Birch in the eyes and said, “Can’t you find someone else I don’t want this… I don’t want to be a caretaker of anything else no matter how independent it is.”

Birch walked up and put the Pokeballs in Jerome’s hands and said, “I think you’re ready… I have no idea why you’re afraid of this, but I just have one of those gut feelings this is the right decision. Anyway if you don’t take this Pokemon I’m not paying you since taking care of it is now part of your job.” The Professor winked at Jerome with a teasing tone in his voice as he lifted his hand away from Jerome’s leaving the one Torchic’s Pokeball and along with some empty ones in Jerome’s hand as well as his money.

Jerome did not look happy as he stared at the Pokeballs for a few seconds. Sighing Jerome turned and left, but before he made it to the door he heard Birch yell at him, “Wait you’ll need one of these.” Turning around Jerome saw Birch toss something to him that he barely caught with his free hand. Before Jerome could voice his disapproval of the method of delivery Birch said, “It’s an old Pokedex… it might help you on your adventure, but like I said it is old. I ran out of the newer ones, but that one still works. Just might not have all the information the newer ones have.” Jerome’s frown grew and he forced out a thanks before walking out the door before the professor forced anything else on him.

Stepping outside Jerome put all the inactive Pokeballs in his right pocket before putting away his money. Sighing he looked at the last Pokeball, which contained the Torchic, in his hand before hitting the button on the front causing it to click open and release its prisoner in a bright flash of light. A small red and yellow feather covered Pokemon was left sitting on the ground after the flash. The Torchic looked up at Jerome for a second before suddenly starting to roll around in the dirt for no apparent reason for about a minute. “Well are you going to do that all day or can we get a move…” said Jerome while lifting an eyebrow at the crazy looking bird, but his thought was interrupted by the Torchic suddenly standing up and then charging off in a random direction with its tiny wings stretched out as far as they can go.
Jerome chased the fire pokemon around little root for 30 minutes before it headed off toward route 101. The fire type finally stopped after finding a pair of roosting Pidgeys on a bush. Trotting up to the bush the Torchic made a chirping sound that woke up one of the Pidgeys, who just looked down at the Torchic passively. The Torchic then proceeded to climb (the best it could) up the bush and stood on a branch close to the two flying types after several failed climbing attempts. Jerome stood about 20 feet away watching the whole encounter wondering what the heck the Torchic was doing. The Torchic continued to chirp until the Pidgeys flew off to get away from the flightless fire bird that was trying to talk to them. Watching them fly away the Torchic seemed a little sad, but it quickly recovered and hopped off the bush and trotted past Jerome.

All of a sudden a female trainer with short pig tails came running up to Jerome and said, “Hey! Hey! I want to battle your Torchic!” Before Jerome could respond the girl, who looked to be 13 years old, released her pokemon, who she had named Puddles. The Lotad looked at the uninterested Torchic with a determined look as the trainer yelled from Puddles to use water gun. The Lotad spat a stream of water that blasted the Torchic, who had been pecking the dirt and ignoring the world around it. “Mr. you sure are slow… I think I’m going to beat you easily” said the girl with a grin.

“Well I never accepted to battle in the first place,” muttered Jerome as he turned on his Pokedex since he had no idea what his Pokemon was capable of. He was scrambling to figure out what his Pokemon was capable of so he could direct his Pokemon to do something to defend itself with. Meanwhile his Torchic was shaking off its wet feathers and he looked rather angry with suddenly getting wet.

“Hit it again!” yelled the girl excited that she was winning. The Lotad prepared another water gun attack as the Torchic suddenly sped up as it used Agility to increase its speed, but instead of attacking it ran away. The Lotad then unleashed the water gun but the distance created by the Torchic gave the chick Pokemon enough time to dodge the attack. The Lotad tried hitting the Torchic a few more times but the chick Pokemon was too far and too fast to get a good shot on. The Torchic meanwhile was weaving around sporadically while releasing a faintly yellow gas from his mouth.

Jerome stepped away from the growing cloud of poisonous gas as he finally got the Pokedex to tell him about Torchics and how they are warm to hug. “That is wonderful information for a battle… now what can he do,” muttered Jerome in frustration as he tried to figure out how to display his Pokemon’s moves on the screen.

Meanwhile the girl said, “Move in closer! I have antidotes to cure you of you get poisoned… get that Torchic, Puddles!” The Lotad nodded and then moved inward the Torchic. As charged toward the Torchic it unleashed a water gun attack, hitting the fire type a second time. By this time the Lotad was in the middle of the cloud of fumes that was making it cough and choke, but it was close enough to ensure another direct hit on the Torchic. As the Lotad prepared another water gun, the battered Torchic developed what could almost be described as an evil smirk on its face. The girl had just pulled out an antidote when the Torchic spat out a small ball of flame toward the Lotad. The flame was pathetic, but that quickly changed… when it touched the cloud of fumes it instantly erupted into a very short lived, but intense flame as the fumes were ignited by the flame.

Both the girl and Jerome’s eyes grew huge as the Lotad was enveloped by flames then a second later was standing in the middle of a dark cloud of smoke gasping for breath and whimpering in pain. The worse part of this attack was that the flames had ignited some the fumes that the Lotad had inhaled and thus the flames had burned the inside of the Lotad’s throat and mouth. The Torchic charged forward at the shocked Lotad at a high speed. The Torchic quickly closed the gap and hopped on top of the Lotad before the grass and water type could open its blistering eyes. The Lotad had no time to recover from the Torchic’s fume and flame based ambush, as the bird dug its claws into the Lotad’s lilypad then unleashed a ruthless barrage of point blank fireballs into the back of the creature’s head. The assault ended when the girl recalled Puddles with a worried look on her eyes.
“Um… well I guess he won,” said Jerome staring at his Torchic.

“Mr., you win I don’t think I want to keep battling your Torchic… have a good day,” said the girl as she turned and scampered away, afraid for her Puddles.

The Torchic sat down and was breathing heavily as it tried to recover from its duel. Jerome took a second then walked over to him and said, “Well that was impressive… but you do look a little beat up and I’m suppose to take care of you so let’s get you to a PokeCenter.” As Jerome presented the Pokeball to recall his Pokemon the Torchic spit a fire ball at the man’s hand, barely missing the Pokeball. Jerome jumped back in surprise then said, “Ok I get it… no Pokeball so you want to stay out I can respect that,” said Jerome pocketing the Pokeball. He then motioned in the direction of the Pokecenter, but the Torchic just sat there staring at him. Sighing Jerome leaned down and tried to pick up the Torchic, but instead the Torchic hopped away from him and looked at Jerome threateningly. “Ok fine... now what?” muttered Jerome a little frustrated at his Torchic. He stared at the Torchic for a minute before standing up and with a shrug started walking away toward Oldale.

The Torchic looked around for a second then followed after Jerome with a confident look on his face. Soon the Torchic was leading Jerome as if he was the boss. Jerome was letting the Torchic do this for now, but he would need to find a way to make sure he was in charge in the near future.
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