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    This is an extra to the story, to kinda expand. I'll fix this part as if gets comments on it.

    The wind had started to pick up as snow dust was filling the air. Petrel came out of the convenience store with his friends and his girlfriend in tow. His arm was wrapped tightly around the pink haired girl as he was trying to keep her extra warm from his body heat. His aqua haired friend was also trying to do the same with his girl, keeping her close to him to keep her warm. As Petrel was beginning to walk away from the store, he felt something hard beneath his foot.

    He then bent down to see that he stepped on a Pokeball that was almost buried in the snow. Petrel smiled as he picked up the ball from the ground and pressed the button. A flash of light came from the ball as a small object in the shape of a star was reviled. In his hand was a small shiny gold star that was thick and lightweight. When Petrel stood up on the ground, his friend gasped when he layed eyes on the object.

    “Dude, is that a max revive?!” the young man asked. “Let me have it!”

    As he was figuring out what to do with the item, he looked straight ahead at the rest area. On one of the benches, he saw that same woman he encountered earlier. Her red hair was fluttering in the wind as she was playing with the edge of her plaid skirt. Ariana looked pretty upset as she seemed to have had her head down the whole time. ‘You know, she didn’t get a reward to saving that girl…’ thought Petrel as he suddenly figured out what to do with the max revive. ‘She looks upset, maybe this will cheer her up.’

    “You know Proton, I’d love to but, there’s someone else who deserves this more than we do,” the older man said as he started to walk towards the rest area. “Follow me; I’d like you to meet her.”

    The others followed as Petrel presumed to look both ways and then cross the street. As he approached her bench, Ariana proceeded to look up when she heard footsteps coming her way. She gave the pink haired man a small smile as he proceeded to sit down beside her, putting his hand on her back. Everyone else started to gather around him as well.

    “Hey, I’d like to give you this for helping me out,” Petrel said as he gave her the max revive.

    She took the item from his hand and looked at it pretty weirdly. When she was done fidgeting with the star, she looked at him once again with a confused expression.

    “That’s a max revive,” the pink haired man explained. “I saw it on the ground and since you helped me, I thought I’d give it to you.”

    “Thanks. That was so sweet of you…” Ariana said as she smiled at him. “Hey! Now that you are here, maybe you can help me identify an item that was given to me. Mars and her boyfriend came here again and gave me this…”

    She reached into her black purse and took out a light brown container. It was a small container with a small handle on the side and filled with a green liquid. While Proton snickered under his breath, Petrel closely eyed the item until he finally figured out what it was. Before he could explain what the item was, he used his arm to jab the aqua haired boy in the arm as a motion for him to stop laughing.

    “That’s a full restore,” Petrel said. “It’s like a max potion however this also heals your Pokemon’s status problems.”

    “Oh, okay now I see,” the red headed girl started to say. “Thanks. So… are you and Proton are still friends or are you more so now than before?”

    Proton suddenly raised an eyebrow when she mentioned his name. He gave the girl a straight face as he straightened his yellow trimmed collar. He didn’t have a nametag on him or any other identification method on his person. So how this girl knew him was indeed a mystery.

    “Wait! How the hell do you know my name?!” Proton asked in a standoffish tone. “I don’t know you…”

    Ariana nearly jumped at the boy’s question. His tone scared her quite a bit as she was trying her best to hold back tears while answering him. “Y-you don’t remember? We were on the same team two years ago. I was an interim boss in place of Giovanni…”

    “Nah, I think you’re lying,” the boy snapped. “Sorry, girly but I don’t remember anyone filling in for Giovanni. Petrel! Do you know her and do you know of anyone filling in for the boss?”

    “Proton, your cruelty needs to learn boundaries,” Petrel said in a stern voice. “Anyway, her name sounds familiar to me and I do remember an interim boss but at the same time, she escapes my memory. So I cannot say that I do or do not know her.”

    During the conversation, tears started to well up in her eyes and flow down her face. Her face was also beginning to turn red as she felt her temperature rise internally. Ariana had never felt more embarrassed in her life. She used to be such a high ranking executive for Team Rocket, and now two years later, the two guys she used to give orders to don’t even remember her. Yet, they remember each other so it seems. ‘Gee, I wish I was important enough to remember or even be considerate to!’ she thought as she had her head down. At this point, all she wanted to do was run into Archer’s arms in hopes that he would remember her and make it all better.

    “Petrel, thank you for the item,” Ariana sniffled as she got up from the bench. “Please give that note to Archer, please.

    With that Ariana walked away while holding her bag up to her chest. Off to another place where she’d hope to meet someone else, hopefully in the night hours.

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