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Out of these two exceptional region champions; (Lance of Kanto and Johto, and Cynthia of the Sinnoh region), which did you like better? Why? Do you prefer Cynthia, and her mustery and grace? Or Lance, for his powerful pokemon and strong battle attitude? Appearance-wise, who takes the cherry? But competitively, who did you find the hardest? Easiest? Most fun? Most Boring? Why?

Out of the two, my choice lies with Cynthia, the fact that she was the first female champion of the Pokemon Franchise in the main series of games really intriuged me. I love her quiet and wise attitude and I also love her serious side. Her battle style is amazingly elegant, both in the games and in the anime, and she proved to be an exceptional challenge for me when playing through Diamond. Lance, although just as great didn't have that spark, or unique quality about him that really made him intriguing to me. I find him to be simply a uber-noob; with extremely high level uber Pokemon. (Although I know he's a champion, and his title somewhat permits this, I still find it weird.) Appearance-wise, Cynthia takes the cherry. Her clothes and fashion style are mystic and dark, perfect to make a bold yet beautifiul statement on all challengers that face her. Lance, with the typical cape, again, didn't really appeal to me as much.
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