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Originally Posted by Shining Raichu View Post
Jason Segel has already said that the eighth season (which they are currently moving into) will be his last, so I'm not sure that they'd even continue on without him and if they did it wouldn't be for long.
I'm not sure whether people should believe this or not. A representative for him actually said that the quote was misinterpreted. And it's not like his character is so incredibly vital to the success of the show. ...though I would like it to end sometime soon. The seventh season was like pulling teeth.

I honestly for the life of me cannot figure out why they call that the 'golden age of Hollywood'. Not one of those actors (Hepburn included, sorry Harlequin) would survive a day in the modern world of real acting through which Meryl Streep glides with relative ease.
What exactly makes you say this? The world of acting was just as cut throat, if not more, back then when compared to today.

Originally Posted by scarf
But, boy does it still amaze me that people can differentiate old actors when they all had to act similarly and dress similarly and there was just less variety of roles in Hollywood movies.
I wouldn't say they were all similar to each other, at least I've always been able to tell them apart. I think the biggest issue when kids these days try to judge old movies is that they never put themselves in the context of the times, which is sometimes really vital to understanding the true meaning of something.