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Originally Posted by Ryoutarou View Post
I'm not sure whether people should believe this or not. A representative for him actually said that the quote was misinterpreted. And it's not like his character is so incredibly vital to the success of the show. ...though I would like it to end sometime soon. The seventh season was like pulling teeth.

Well he's not vital to the success of the show but he is vital to the storyline. He and Lily are joined at the hip and have been since Day 1, so to get rid of Marshall would mean getting rid of Lily also or somehow writing in a freaking amazing excuse as to why he isn't there for an entire year or more lol. But if it may not be true then that's probably for the best. It'd be like carrying on Friends without Ross (and wouldn't that be a shame?)

What exactly makes you say this? The world of acting was just as cut throat, if not more, back then when compared to today.
From what I've seen of movies from that era, acting wasn't... great. It was more about entertaining and less about story-telling. It was more fantastical and less realistic. And the women all talked in that same high pitch that makes my skin crawl.

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