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    I want a combination of all the userbars you made for me so...
    -Colors or Background: 1st :flames, 2nd: flames on the left and dark blue with bubbles ,3rd: neon purple, 4th emerald green with a yellow thunder on the right
    -Sprite or Pic: 1st blaziken front sprite on the right (r/s/e or use the old userbars i you don't mind ) 2nd : a groudon front sprite on the left and a kyogre on the right, 3rd a latias on the left and a latios on the right facing each other 4th a rayquaza sprite (r/s/e) on the right
    -Text: 1st:GAM3R 2nd and 3rd : RUBY AND SAPPHIRE 4th : EMERALD
    -Animation: fade
    -Font: Bw titlescreen
    -Public/PM: Public
    -Extra: You can use the userbars you made for me if possible