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    @Baloth: I like Amane Yamauchi, I didn't think of a songstress when I was trying to think of ideas of characters. There are a few things I would like you to work on or change.

    Firstly can you change her inspiring song, for a start I don't want it to be able to heal wounds. I would rather it sooth a person or Pokemon to reduce pain. Later on you can get better at healing with it if you want. Also you may if you want use your songs to help capture Pokemon, soothing them to stop them fighting for example but this won't work all the time.

    Secondly can you add a bit more about the Graceful Drifblim Style, I would like to know what style of attacks it involves? Does it use kicks, punches or throws? How do you attack and block? Also what are it's strengths and weaknesses. If your struggling with this PM me.

    P.S. A Chingling would be metal, with the moves Wrap, Grow and Astonish.

    Originally Posted by Lt. Col. Fantastic View Post
    Alrighty then, thats okay with me. I do have a quick question though, it says to keep our names with the theme of our Nation, but what is the real world equivilent of Unyeilding Earth Nation (if there is one)? All of the others have Asian themes (at least thats what it looks like to me, but I am no expert) but the nomads remind me of the middle east more than Asia, so I just wanted to be sure before I named him something unfitting.
    For clarity Blazing Sun and Tranquil Moon are both based on China and so people should have Chinese names. Brilliant Star is based on Japan. Unyielding Earth is themed around the Mongol hordes. Refined Heaven is based around Tibet. If you find Mongolian and Tibetan names hard to come by I don't mind you using other names, so long as they don't stand out.
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