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And then I said: "Here cometh mine SU!"

Name: Silas Orwell Charleston
Gender: Male

Appearance: The characteristic that most people seem to define Silas by is his hair. It’s light-grey in coloration – almost becoming silver, but since Silas finds that description pretentious he just calls it grey – and long. Reaching down to his shoulder blades, it is comparable with the long beautiful hair that certain girls swoon over and even certain guys take into admiration. Usually, he just lets it be free to flow in whatever beautiful fashion there is, but during certain circumstances he may tie it up in a bun or something like that.

Silas’ eyes are very calm and have the coloration of aquamarine, a color that most females would love to just drown in it seems (luckily his eyes aren’t deep purple…). Apparently, the calmness in his eyes has invaded the entirety of his aura, making all of Silas look rather calm and harmless. His face is pale-white and pretty slim, ending in quite the pointy chin. Unlike most boys his age, Silas’ face is not plagued by endless and endless amounts of pimples. Instead, it’s smooth and spotless. Well, except for a small scar that runs from under his right eye to the corresponding side of his mouth. Silas’ nose is rather slim and delicate while an… uneasy smile seems constantly plastered onto his face.

As for clothing, Silas’ fashion-sense is pretty normal except for some details here and there. On his upper body, the young man wears a light-blue – almost bordering on white – button-up shirt with stripes of a darker blue shade. The shirt is pretty lose in some places and thus covers up most of the young man’s slightly muscular build. Now one might expect Silas’ shirt to be completely stain-free, but this isn’t the case however. Silas’ shirt has a lot of smudges further down on it and the arms are a bit too long, reaching down over his hands, thus giving him a slightly childish look. As for the lower part of his body, Silas likes to wear either a pair of beige slacks with brown stripes going over the kneecaps or a pair of blue and black jeans with a four-armed yellow star situated just under the hip. He’s often barefoot, but if the situation requires it, he’ll put on a pair of old sandals.

Basically, Silas looks like almost every girl’s dream. That shy pretty boy that you’d just love to hug and kiss until he would suffocate from your love. And the fact that he seems a little rough in the edges also makes it seem like he just begs to get help from someone. This just adds to his appeal as one might imagine.

Personality: Now, as Silas looks like that shy pretty-boy, it’s far from what he really is. The sixteen-year old is very well aware of how desirable his appearance is, and thus he uses it to his advantage. As Silas’ main goal in life is to get ahead of everybody else, proving that he is among the strongest – both in physical terms and when it comes to Pokémon-battles – he isn’t afraid to use people to get there. Since Silas had been taught that Pokémon should never be used for the corrupted desires of humans, he never forces the creatures to do anything they don’t want to. This doesn’t mean that the young man worships all Pokémon like they were some kinds of deities; he just treats them as equals to humans. Furthermore, he thinks that PokéBalls are a far too – without a better word for it – “cruel” way to keep these wonderful beings. This doesn’t mean that he completely botches the idea of using a PokéBall to keep Pokémon safe from harm; he just likes to have them out as much as possible from those confined areas. Think about it, would you imprison your fellow humans to use as slaves in the future? Didn’t think so.

As said before, Silas isn’t afraid of using people to get what he wants. In fact, he might even be prone to go the manipulative way, especially with girls since most seem to be captivated by him. Because of this tendency, Silas have often been labeled as a “handsome jerk” or a “ladykiller”. But the truth is that he never really means to hurt anyone, he simply wishes to become stronger in order to see someone that he cares deeply about. But to be manipulative, you also have to be clever, strategic and sly. Often when Silas sees an opportunity for a plan, his uneasy smile is often replaced by a sly one; this has earned him the nickname “Silver Fox” by some people.

Now you know that Silas isn’t shy, however that doesn’t mean that he can’t be calm. As his body language and eyes tell, he is a rather calm person. But what they don’t tell are the tales of the flaming spirit wrapped in the calm exterior that is Silas himself. If he gets riled up enough, the sixteen-year old can show quite a lot of emotion as well as passion. He can give long speeches about his aspiring dream so filled with energy and passion that it could make someone faint from the sheer change in his aura. He can fight with such immense power and intensity that certain Pokémon might even back down from the challenge. But as one might imagine, all of these feelings are closed tightly inside his body, thus making it so that he releases all of them at the same time when he does release them. This can make Silas seem to have mood-swings as he goes from intensely passionate to frighteningly angry to extremely sad. This array of emotions often scares people away unfortunately. Silas ESPECIALLY hates to see Pokémon that are treated badly by humans, and he will do his best to stop the injustice being done to them.

History: Silas was originally born in Vermillion City in Kanto. His parents weren’t particularly wealthy; they basically had enough to pay for what they needed most of the time. But when Silas was very young – maybe about three years old or something along those lines – a heavy earthquake caused by some rampaging Diglett and Dugtrio struck the harbor-city. It was during that day that his parents were permanently taken from him. His mother had been crushed to death by a falling ceiling and later, his father became “swallowed up by the ground”, in other words he fell through a giant crack in the earth. After the incident, Silas was devastated. Or he likes to think that he was devastated, it makes it seem like he cared more for his parents than what he probably did at the time. The sad part being that he hardly remembers their names even, he was only three after all. Plus, the whole event had made him quite apathetic during several years.

In the absence of his parents, the small Silas was sent to the closest person who would become his new guardian. Namely, his uncle who lived in a town in Orre. Unlike his parents, Silas remembers his uncle clearly. In fact so clearly that he nowadays can visualize the man standing in front of him - breathing angrily into his face - if he so wanted. His uncle – whose name is Nathan by the way – wasn’t exactly the tallest man alive. Just by looking at him you would be able to deduce that he probably got bullied a lot as a kid for his height, which is true. Now unfortunately, those events had shaped Nathan a bit, thus making him a rather angry as well as violent man. Silas’ uncle was the unpopular one of his family. His brother – Silas’ father – was much taller, much more handsome and much smarter for that fact. It was the typical little-brother-complex which is a bit sad and even pathetic if you think about it. Nathan was a man that couldn’t tolerate a lot of things, especially if one of those things involved his brother’s snot-nosed brat of a son to move in with him. The man made it quite clear that he didn’t want Silas in the house.

The relationship between Silas and his new guardian was never a good one. During a lot of the years in his uncle’s care, Silas was apathetic. He didn’t talk and he didn’t do anything in general except eating and breathing. The rest of the boy’s time was mostly spent in his room, just looking at a wall. His uncle would shout at him, abuse him both verbally and physically, but he never got a reaction out of the kid. Whether that was because Silas was still torn up because of his parents death or because he wouldn’t let his uncle have the pleasure of receiving any form of emotion from him is entirely up for interpretation.

One day however, Silas had done something his uncle didn’t approve of – it was probably something minor that wouldn’t give anyone any sort of benefit for knowing it – and thus gotten himself thrown out of the house for some time. He had walked around, looking for a good spot to sit down and maybe discuss something with himself or just quietly watch the nature with all of the different Pokémon in it. After looking for some minutes, Silas had found a good spot under a tree. The sun was shining brightly, however it became less bright under the tree due to the leaves blocking some of the sunlight out and thus giving the spot he had found a nice green shine to it. It was also pretty cool under the tree, and Silas had made himself quite at home there. He loved watching different Pokémon run around, either trying to catch each other or just lying around while waiting for something to happen. At that moment he had though how nice it would be to be a Pokémon, free like the wind and able to do what they wanted to do. He had sat there quietly, daydreaming when something suddenly came through the foliage. It was a tall man who by looks seemed to be in his late twenties. He was garbed in an ocean-blue T-shirt, beige shorts and a dark-blue cape. For some reason, he didn’t seem like a normal adult. There was something… feral about him. But that wasn’t the thing about him that had caught Silas’ interest the most. What had caught the boy’s interest back then were a few things regarding the man’s head. His face was quite the asymmetrical one, one side was lightly tanned while completely red on the other side, something he probably must’ve acquired in an accident with fire. The lightly tanned side of the man’s face seemed to sport a little more facial hair than the burned one. He didn’t have a moustache, but the burned side of his face didn’t have an eyebrow or any hair on that side of his head. He also seemed to be blind on one eye. His hair was also pretty interesting, namely it had a turquoise coloration.

Silas had hid behind a bush when observing the man. He could see a monkey-like Pokémon on top of his head, but he didn’t recognize it at all. It seemed to match the man’s hair-color however. Then, the man suddenly started to walk towards a group of Pokémon. At first they seemed a bit intimidated by his presence, but soon eased up and started playing with him. Silas had watched in amazement as the man had started to wrestle some of the bigger Pokémon, just for fun. At this point, the boy accidentally stumbled over a root that was sticking out when he tried to edge closer to get a better view of what happened. With a thump he had landed on the ground, completely exposed and thus directing everyone’s attention towards him. He didn’t exactly know how it had happened, but Silas had been offered by the man to play with them, an offer that the boy gladly accepted. It had been the most fun evening of his life.

As Silas had returned to his house, the angry and abusive voice of his uncle had met him. His uncle had claimed to have been worried about him, but Silas knew that was all a bunch of bull. But instead of receiving the usual verbal abuse or the light physical abuse, Nathan went for the big guns this time around. He actually grabbed an empty bottle of some sort and hit poor Silas in the face with it. Taken aback by the shock and the taste of blood that had begun to form in his mouth, the grey-haired boy had fled quickly before his uncle decided to do something even worse to him. He had fled to where he had first met the strange man, hoping that he would encounter him again. And he did.

After a long while of explaining, Silas had told the man about everything so far. When the boy had finished his story, the man seemed to have a look of pain as well as anger upon his face. So he had decided to take care of Silas for the time being. During the years that they were together, Silas and the man traveled to many different places. According to the man, they were searching for his only love who seemed to like to play a game of “universal-hide-and-seek” where he would travel to different places in order to hide from the one who loved him oh-so-much. But as the searched for the man’s only love, he taught Silas a few things as well, such as to treat Pokémon as equals and be nice to them in general. He also taught the young boy hand-to-hand combat which would improve his physique over the years. While being a bit apathetic before, the man quickly taught Silas to channel his emotions and thus making him come out of the small shell he had previously hid in. The man never told Silas his name; however the young boy liked to refer to him as ‘Master S’ as he had seen a symbol depicting an ‘S’ in the man’s possession at one point.

Eventually, Master S dropped off Silas somewhere in the middle of Hoenn with a promise that they would reunite when he was strong enough. And with these words, Silas headed toward a bright future it seemed.
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