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Originally Posted by juniebug910 View Post
This seems nice...I want a Brilliant Star spot, but I have a question.

Can I make a character who doesn't agree with her area's code and doesn't care about honor?
Yes, you may. The descriptions given are of each empires general attitude. Individuals within an empire may not hold the same feelings as the majority do.

@heretostay123: I would like you to add a last name. Also is Bat a Swampert or a Tauros. A Swampert would be too strong for the early RP, your Pokemon should really be either basic or baby stage. Why did you put "(Strong)" after Bat?

@Baloth: Nice name very fitting for your character. Add a little more detail to your appearance and personality sections and I will be happy with your SU. They should be a short paragraph about four to five lines long.
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