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    (OOC: Do I detect a Yugioh Abridged reference? "Screw the rules I have money.")

    "Alright. See you later." Forrest was happy that there was someone who wasn't out to get him in the world, but at the same time he was sad to see a friendly person go. He leapt up to the slick roof of the Pokemon Center, taking care not to fall off. He returned all three of his pokemon, for he wanted to be alone for the time being.

    He leapt nimbly from roof to roof, then recognized the Pokemart's ugly blue roof. He quickly leapt down through the window, picked five pokeballs up, then left the correct change: one thousand dollars. He leapt back out the window and continued his favorite form of transportation. He finally arrived on Route 102. He stood on a tree with his arms crossed. "Time for me to deal some damage." He murmered to himself.
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