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    Game: Fire Red
    Additional rules: Only heal 5 times per Pokecenter, only purchase 10 items per market, can only use healing items during a battle, blackout is game over, release starter, no legendaries

    Ookay, first update!
    I chose bulbasaur as the starter, not that it did matter as I would release him as soon as possible. Defeated my rival with 1 hp ( surprisingly bulbasaur was faster than charmander ). I then proceeded to complete the usual parcel task and get my dex and town map! Unfortunately, I had no pokeballs on the way to viridian so I had to defeat all the wild pokemon...
    Hoping for a maneky, I decide to catch a pokemon in the small patch of grass west of viridian, aaaand I get a lv3 rattata! Oh well, I capture it and release bulbasaur. At the next route, just before viridian forest, I encounter a lv5 weedle and catch it. Remembering I need all the provisions I can to cross the awful bug infested forest, I go back to the market to buy 5 potions and 3 antidotes. In the forest I then catch a lvl4 caterpie! Brock's rock pokemon will seriously squash these pokemons... Luckily though, my weedle proves himself a valuable ally, poisoning every living thing on his way and quickly evolving into a kakuna! I then use him as a finisher to get exp for the others and avoid the risk of getting poisoned. The various bug catchers weren't an issue either and my caterpie evolved too. Arrived to pewter city, I realize my pokemon still need some serious training in order to even have a chance at defeating brock, so I utilize all of the 5 pokecenter heals to train them. In the end, facin brock, my pokemon were beedrill, lv14, butterfree, lv15, rattata, lv12. I chose to use rattata against brock's geodude to save my best pokemon for his onix, and surprisingly rattata survived the beating for a few turns, lowering geodude's defense in the process, so that beedrill could harden himself up for onix and dispatch the geodude. Onix was a serious threat with that rock tomb of his, but my beedrill had boosted his defense through the sky, and survived a few rock tombs to deal some damage. I then switched to butterfree for the kill, and even though she was 4x weak to his attack, she survived the hit with 11 hp and put him to sleep! Woooo! I can't believe none fainted. Next, I buy more provisions from the market and head to mt. moon. On the way, I catch a lv7 spearow whom I'll never ever use, and I catch a lv8 zubat which I love. Hope it'll survive all of this and become a winner!

    So, my team looks like this now:
    Rattata the RATTATA, lv 15
    Killer Bee the BEEDRILL, lv 15
    Papilia the BUTTERFREE, lv16
    Spearow the SPEAROW, lv7
    Neqoxec the ZUBAT, lv8
    Next update, mt. moon and cerulean!