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Creed Reese
Oreburgh City - "Interruptions"

An annoying whistle, an ungodly annoying whistle that only grew louder and louder. What was it? It was irritating the heck out of Creed. His full speed sprint slowed, and suddenly he was walking, trying to figure out where that God-forsaken sound was coming from. He started holding his ears and looked around for whatever made his ears feel like they were bleeding. Then, a smell, and it was human. The smell became more and more repugnant as the whistle became louder. Someone was charging at him, and they were charging at him fast. He didn't have long to think, and he certainly didn't have time to dodge. He didn't really feel like fighting, either. Instead, he simply stood his ground and waited for impact.

Then, the two collided. Creed was knocked off of his feet and was sent quite a distance, sliding against the hard ground; but still, he couldn't stop grinning. He stood up and wiped off his clothing. He turned to where he thought the man had landed and said, "Geez, I thought I was the violent one..." he wiped some blood from his mouth. "I have no idea who you are, but I have some pretty chick-a-dees to attend to, and you're not getting in my way." He put his pointer and middle fingers to his forehead, mirroring a sort of two finger salute, and said, "Later!" He took a strong sniff and turned towards Lucy's location. "Oh, and it'd behoove you not to cross me. I'm having a pretty bad day and it won't take much to completely piss me off." He then set off once again for Lucy. "Lucy-kins, Amy-kins, don't leave me now!"
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