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Originally Posted by Wolflare View Post
I don't think we're very competitive because most of us don't battle at all (perhaps this can change when the GT tournament is up?). I do agree that we should strive to improve our battling skills though. Anyway, this name change won't change much, other than making the forum name less misleading. Also, remember that introducing more people into battling (regardless if it's competitive or not) may mean more competitive battlers, depending on who they are (i.e. not the GRR COMPETITIVE type). They might get interested in competitive battling if they like casual. Anywayyy...

I went with the forum default on the revival rule. Isn't it being removed from the forum globally though? Still, I agree that it should be removed, but I'll wait until higher staff makes a decision (if they're discussing it). I'm pretty sure I said something in the rules about being able to revive metagame discussions...I probably deleted it by accident.
Well, what would the name change be anyway? The Battling Center? PokeCommunity Battling Center? Something doesn't quite fit with either of them. XD;

Andddd about revivals! I just asked someone and they said hstaff aren't really discussing it, so you can just do it yourself. n_n

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