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Didn't really get much done, but I did beat Team Aqua and Flannery, as well as catch a Cacturne and find/restore a Lileep fossil. I had originally planned not to use Cradily on my team, but right now I'm trying to figure out a way to include it and be able to have all of the HM's I need on my team. That will take a while, and once I get that done I'll have to grind the team to around level 30 for Norman. Since school will take a majority of my time this week, it may be a bit until my next update. Anyway, here is my current team:

Grovyle / Lv30 / Dig, Leaf Blade, Fury Cutter, Quick Attack
Lombre / Lv30 / Astonish, Nature Power, Absorb, Fake Out
Breloom / Lv29 / Mach Punch, Headbutt, Mega Drain, Counter
Cacnea / Lv21 / Growth, Leech Seed, Sand-Attack, Pin Missle
Lileep / Lv20 / Astonish, Constrict, Acid

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✔Pokemon Silver Version
Pokemon Sapphire Version
Pokemon Diamond Version
Pokemon Black Version
Type: Grass
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