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    Jerome got his Torchic to the Pokemon Center after a “few” sidetracks. Jerome opened the door to the PokeCenter with a sigh of relief and let the Torchic walk in on his own. The Fire pokemon trotted in there like he owned the place and positioned himself in the middle of the PokeCenter and began to look around. However once Jerome was inside, he picked up the chick Pokemon, and then sat he down on the counter. “He needs healing but be careful,” said Jerome as the Nurse reached to pick up the Torchic. The Torchic gave the Nurse a threatening stare, but she ignored it and quickly rubbed his head. She then picked up the Torchic, who looked ready to attack the nurse, and walked off to the back as if the Torchic was being a good little Pokemon. She returned a minute later and informed Jerome that it will be a few minutes so if he wanted to wait in the PokeCenter there was a waiting room, or he could go run some errands instead if he wanted to. Thanking the nurse Jerome left the PokeCenter to pick up some supplies and use some of the money he had just earned.

    He was able to find the location of the local shop with ease due to the small size of the town and he started making his way to it. He was making a mental shopping list when a sudden movement caught his eye. Something had flown into the shop window from the roof above. Jerome stopped and stared long enough to see a boy emerge from the window with several Pokeballs in his hands.

    Jerome frowned as he watched the boy leave. This kid had to be a thief since no normal person would have done that. Worse yet this punk looked to be some self glorifying show off, and likely victimized other for his own amusement. The thought of this made Jerome’s blood boil and he headed off after the boy.

    The kid moved swiftly through the trees, which made him easy to keep track off since he stuck out like a sore thumb. The kid also had to concentrate on his footing which meant his overall situational awareness had to be decreased, which combined with Jerome’s skills of evasion and hiding learned from years surviving in the streets as a kid meant he could stay relatively undetected by the thief.

    Following the kid into the forest Jerome watched as the kid stopped on a branch, and Jerome slowly and deliberately moved behind the cover of two large trees while crouching down to limit his profile. Jerome watched the boy like a predator would watch its prey. Waiting for the perfect chance to pounce, waiting to show this scum that justice isn’t always so nice…
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