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    Forrest leapt across the clearing into the next treeline. He jumped to the ground and released Sasuke, Benedict, and Tank. "Alright guys, we're gonna do some serious training now. I have more pokeballs for catchin some friends. I kinda took them, but don't worry. I left the right amount of money on the yeah." He looked around, and he hadn't been looking that long when he saw a Lotad (Lotad from earlier) making a poor attempt hiding from the ninja-like boy across the way. Apparently he had a Surskit with him as well. He didn't want to make any trouble, but this one looked pretty mad. He might've done something to earn his respect! "Excuse me, can I battle you?" He called out.

    (I fixed my oopsy. Apologies about the GM'ing a minute ago.)
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