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    Originally Posted by passarbye View Post
    Hi, i'm new here.

    I've been looking for a text editor of any kind for Pokemon Fire Red all around the web, and have found nothing but Advance Text, and it does not work. even the one on your site does not work for me.
    Any time i download Advance text and double click the EXE, it gives me an error stating

    "component Comdlg32.ocx or one of it's dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid."

    Is there any alternative to Advance text, or is there a way to fix Advance text to make it usable?

    i've been working on getting a Fire Red hack going, but this is important and i can't find something that works.

    PS: i've also seen the youtube vidoes where people say to put Comdlg32.ocx or the other one into system32 or sysWOW64 and use the Run or command prompt to register the file manually, but even that doesn't work.
    should i just give up hacking?
    I'm pretty sure that same file is in another program, that's how I got a-text to work...I dragged and dropped it. I'm pretty sure it's in Overworld Editor: Rebirth edition. Download that, and then drag and drop the file.