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    Name Daniella 'Dani' Jones

    Age 17

    Gender Female

    Description Long dusty-blonde hair that is mostly always tied in a high ponytail, eyes can be described as a rather dull grey, pale skin with a small splatter of freckles upon her cheeks. She's considered rather short, with her height reaching 5'2, and her weight isn't described as anything 'big.' Her stomach is barely bigger than a small bump, a little extra weight on her thighs, and has only the smallest amount of muscles. Across her right shoulder, not that anyone would see it really, are faint scars left behind from an attack caused by a Meowth when she was young (this caused her to be frightened around cat-like Pokemon.)

    Personality Dani, although a little shy, speaks her mind quite frequently and with boldness when familiar with the person she happens to be speaking to. Along with being shy, she also happens to be a little socially awkward when it comes to being in big groups so accepting the invitation for the school was a big step -and pushed a little by her family. In her spare time she reads, writes and grooms her Growlithe -a present given for her tenth birthday. She tries to study hard, studying majority of her nights, and although her academic scores could possibly be high enough to stay in, her battling experiences could use a little work. Due to being raised in a water-street town, Dani developed a special love for water and would have happily taking up in Team Aqua but she didn't want to part from Amana. Apart from having a rather shy and docile personality, Dani hates being woken up by people in the mornings.

    Team Magma

    Pokemon Growlithe, which she calls Amana.

    From Alto Mare, Johto

    History Dani grew up with her father, two elder brothers and younger sister so she tended to take the role of mother when not studying; cooking, cleaning, washing and making sure everything was perfect in the household. She went to school like a good girl, going to work at the local bakery for extra money for the family then returning home to do the 'motherly chores' she had taken upon herself. Her time at school wasn't anything bad, a few teases from boys and snide comments from girls, but she tended to ignore them and, as a result, they haven't effected her in any form. However, there's always one thing from her early childhood that keeps coming back to her -her mother leaving, twice, with the same man.
    When young, and had time to herself, she would wander around the stone streets of Alto Mare, splashing her feet within the cool water that came directly in from the sea. On one such occasion, before getting her beloved Growlithe, a Meowth -obviously startled by something -openly attacked her which caused her to scar upon her right shoulder and obtain a dislike towards cat-like Pokemon.

    Other She has a saying that she uses quite frequently, whether it be battling or just doing something; "I will be like the waters of Alto Mare; calm."

    Starter Post
    Her father kissed her cheek before patting the overly fluffy creamy-white fur on top of the Growlithe's head. Dani smiled gently, brushing a stray piece of her hair from her face and behind her ear, one hand clutching at her younger sister as she was held against her hip.
    "I still feel bad about leaving you all, who else is going to keep you all alive?" Her eldest brother, Lazarus, laughed while waving his hand. "I'm sure we'll survive, Dani. You just go do what you want to do."
    The other brother nodded in agreement. "Laz is right. You've done a lot for us, it's only time you get to be greedy for one."
    She smiled, a faint pink forming upon her cheeks. "O-Okay, if you guys are sure," she stuttered, placing her sister Emily to the floor, kneeling down to her height. "Now, you be good for the boys, right? I'll call you every night before bed, so you know I'll be thinking about you."
    Emily nodded, hugging Dani tightly before moving on to Amana, the Growlithe whining at having to leave her play-mate.
    Dani turned to face her father once more. "If anything happens, just call me, I'll be on the next boat ride back home."
    Her father rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. "Don't think we could survive you being gone a year, missy?"
    She smiled. "Honestly? No. I don't think so."
    At that moment, a loud bellowing horn registered to the dockyard, Dani turning her head to the boat in time to see the small steam from the top, giving a small sigh before picking up her two medium size blue bags and whistling for Amana.
    "Looks like we're leaving for Staleport. I'll miss you guys."
    Laz rolled his eyes, smiling. "Miss you, too, little sis. Now hurry onto that boat. No more come for another four days."
    She nodded, giving her family her last smile to them for a while, before turning around and heading towards the boats entrance, Amana following closely behind her, wagging her fluffy tail and the tags on her collar jingling with each step.
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