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    Sorry guys, The Creator has been disconnected for a week But now he's back D: And welcome, all new Warriors

    Originally Posted by Avishka View Post
    Username: Avishka
    Two Partner Pokemons: garchomp and metagross
    Reason for joining: some are quite strong and their designs are also quite unique
    Answer the current topic!
    What's your most favorite type among these three: Steel, Rock, Ground and why?
    steel bcuz some of my fave pokemon are steel types . There are only two types weak to Steel: Ice and Rock. both of which are rarely used defensively.
    What's your favorite Sand Pokemon?
    Garchomp bcuz He's got the speed, he's got the strength, not to mention he's straight up Uber in every way shape or form, thus being banned in such lower tiers and even tournaments! He's deadly. He's vicious. He's beastly. Not to mention being in a Sandstorm team with 'Sand Veil,' just makes him more threatening than those of a Legendary Pokemon even!
    I might disagree about the 'unique' appearance of Garchomp. It is based on Sharpedo, which had been designed a generation before. They are the same color, the same star - shape, the same 'shark' base. Here is proof:
    But Metagross is unique (:

    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
    Username: Curious.

    Two Partner Pokemons: There's so many amazing pokemon to choose from.. but if I have to narrow it down, I think I'll opt for Bronzong and Larvitar.

    Reason for joining: Ground types are extremely strong, their bulky nature, their defenses and heir attacking strength are all quite impressive. But what I like the most about these type of Pokemon is their designs. They vary tremmendously, and nearly all of them are really intriguing to look at.

    What's your most favourite out of these three; Rock, Ground and Steel Types and Why? To be honest, I can't really split myself between Ground and Steel types since both I think are extremely cool species of Pokemon. Their tough demeanor and their hardy behaviour makes them formidable opponents and down right awesome pokemon to capture, own, and befriend.
    Cool choice on Larvitar (: He's one of my favorite Ash's pokemon. Anyways, Welcome to the Castle !

    Originally Posted by Rainbow Arcanine View Post
    Username : Rainbow Arcanine

    Two Partner Pokemon : Flygon and Jake the Donphan.
    Reason for Joining : I love all sorts of Desert Pokemon, I can't survive one Pokemon game without them! All of them have powerful stats as well.

    What is your favourite sand Pokemon?
    This is really hard. But I'm going to say Phanpy - it's just adorable,powerful and defensive! Plus it is an elephant! One of my favourite animals of all time
    So do I! I couldn't survive one PKM Gen without at least one of them! On GBC, I had Tyranitar. Then, I had metang. DPPt, a hundred percent for Garchomp, my favorite. Last but not least, Excadrill for gen 5 (: But logically, there wasn't any powerful desert pokemon in gen I
    Finally, here's your welcome picture

    Originally Posted by danaxe View Post
    Two Partner Pokemons:magneto the metagross. drago bug
    Reason for joining:sand pokemon. well a lot of my favorites are sand pokemon
    Answer the current topic!favorite sand pokemon? well metagross. i love steel and psycic types

    hey you should add spearow and fearow =D
    Why would spearow and fearow in this topic? Can you explain this to me plz. And could you please list your partners pokemons again?
    Hack I support:

    Hey, you guys should check this out, it is an awesome club, I confirmed that