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    Name: Skye Beryl
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Skye is not the most physically fit person ever. At 6' tall and 258lbs he really can't run for more then ten minutes without getting winded. He keeps his dull brown hair buzzed short, because when it gets long it curls into a natural afro. You wouldn't normaly see his hair though because he always wares a red bandana with a white lotus pattern. It was given to him by the one person he truly hates. Why he wares it is a mystery to everyone he knows. Dispite his being really unfit, he was almost always outside. He therefore has a noticable tan. He also has a scar on his chest. It goes horizontally across. The only other feature of any real interest are his eyes. They don't really catch your attention right away, but if you look at them closely you'll notice that the pupil and the iris are the same black color. it gives him the apperence of dilated pupils.

    The first thing you'll notice about Skye is that he always seems to be happy. No matter the situation he always tries to see the bright side of things, and people. To him, all people are inherently good. "Some people just want to hide it for some reason," he says. This dosn't make him weak though. On the contrary, he can sometimes go to extremes to find the good in people. He is loyal to those he cares about, and will do anything for them. He's not the most social person though. Dispite the fact that he sees the good in everyone he doesn't really open up easily. But when he does, you can always count on him for helpful advice or assistance. Dispite all this though, there are people he thinks have been corrupted beyond all reason. This list has only one person on it so far. Lizz Lester.

    Team: Magma
    Pokemon: Charmander
    From: Lavender Town

    At age 4, a girl, 6 years older then Skye, moved to Lavender Town. Elizabeth Lester had pale skin and hair black as midnight. Even being as young as he was at the time, Skye instantly fell in love. Lizz also enjoyed Skye's companionship. They went everywhere togather. Lizz even helped Skye save a baby Vulpix one time, which then followed them for the next eight years. Their friendship continued for eight more years, untill the night Skye went looking for her because she was late to their meeting. He eventually found her in Pokemon Tower still a cemetary at the time. He can only remember one thing from that night after going to fourth floor, and that is Lizz standing over him holding the bandana, folded into a square, and saying, "Please always ware this. I'd hate not to recognize you the nexttime we meet. It would be bad for both our wellbeing." That and the pure terror of the moment. He figures the rest of the night was too traumatic for his young mind to fully comprehend. After that Lizz disappered with the Vulpix and he had the scar, he went through a year of fear and depression. Eventually he recovered, but Lizz was forever on his list of hated people.

    He has a saying for when people ask him why he's so happy. It's "All fat people are jolly, didn't you know that?"
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