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    Elizabeth "Eli" Anderson, Geoff Bates, Isla Van Tricht & Lily Blackstar - Oldale Town

    The four left the Pokémon Center talking to each other, Geoff unable to get over the sight of Brotad towering on top of Bandit and Vex only to topple all three over. He was still giggly about it. Isla was still embarrassed over hugging Eli even after their Pokémon were all taken care of, though Eli had gotten past it. The former started to think and fantasize, admittedly getting lost in her thoughts as the now four-person group took a look across Route 103.

    What if someone saw me hugging him? Even for a rich girl troublemaker, that wasn't something the parents wanna see. He actually smells kind of nice for a boy. Oh, Arceus, what if he hugged back? I'd probably have died.

    "You alright?" Eli asked her. Isla's cheeks were reddened again from the awkward train of thought that is her imagination, and the question snapped her back to normal.

    "Yeah! I'm fine."

    "Do you have a fever?" Geoff wondered. He almost put his hand to Isla's forehead to check, but she stopped him, insisting she was okay.

    "Really, I'm not sick or anything."

    "That's good," Eli finished. Isla was happier still; two good-looking guys were concerned for her well-being!

    No! her thoughts interrupted. Bad Isla! She quickly got herself back on track when she found a Poliwag running about in a sort of panic. It was being chased by a small group of Zigzagoon as it tried to get back into the water, but the pack prevented the Pokémon's escape. "Hey! That little guy is in trouble!" Isla passed her gaze to and fro between Eli and Geoff waiting for one of the boys to play hero and save the wild Poliwag, but they both just smiled and stared at her. Her head felt light for a moment and she almost felt like she was floating, until a stream of water hit her in the face and snapped her back into reality. The Poliwag made it to the waters edge and was spraying its Water Gun everywhere in an attempt to repel its attackers. "Guess I have to take of this myself then," she said as she walked away from the boys and approached the wild Poliwag.

    "Lets go Phoebe!" The ugly fish hit the water and immediatly rushed in for a Tackle. The Poliwag was ready however, and dodged it easily while countering with Bubble. Phoebe took the hits well, but failed to land a Tackle, "Try something else, Brine!", Isla commanded. The attack hit, but Poliwag seemed to absorb the hit. "...of course, Poliwag can sometimes absorb water attacks and HEAL itself...", Isla pouted, visibly embarrassed. "Tackle one more time Phoebe." The fish went in again, and again the Poliwag dodged, there must be a level gap. This time Poliwag took the opening to land a series of blows thanks to Doubleslap, its tail striking Phoebe over and over until the fish was no longer able to battle. Isla returned Phoebe to her pokeball. "Bandit and I will protect your honor, my lady." Geoff said with a smirk, Eli simply watched the events unfold, Isla hoped he was more focused on her rather than her skills as a trainer at the moment. Then again, she always hoped he was watching her.

    Isla stopped Geoff with her hand on his shoulder, "This is my fight Geoff, I still have Brotad, but the notion was sweet so thank you. Now get out of my way." Geoff managed a small smile and held his hand to where hers had just touched, slowly slipping into his own world of infatuation. Seems Eli's Skitty isn't the only one with Cute Charm. Brotad landed in water after a flash of red light and the battle was back on. Poliwag swam in fast and led with a Doubleslap, a few blows got through before Brotad countered with a hard Tackle sending the Poliwag through the water. The pair of Pokemon each landed hits and both were growing tired from the battle, when all of a sudden Brotad used its tiny little feet and latched onto Poliwag's face. Isla shouted at her Pokemon in confusion while Eli and Geoff couldn't help but chuckle at the sight. "What are you doing? Stop messing around!" Isla squeaked, and at that moment Brotad lept off of the Poliwag, somehow back at nearly full strength. Isla flicked open her pokedex and checked her Lotad; Lotad's Moveset includes Tackle, Astonish, and Absorb. "You sneaky little bugger..." she replied with a grin as she reached for an empty pokeball and tossed it at the weakened Poliwag. The Pokemon vanished in a beam of red light as the ball began to shake.
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