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    Created by: D. Lawride / Gmack
    Genre: Pokémon / Adventure / RPG / Action
    Version: N/A
    Started in: June 2012
    Finished in: N/A


    The Island was originally intended to be an entry for Pokécommunity’s Game Creation event, but ended up too big for that time frame. So instead it’s a “short” game being announced now. Of course, it’ll only have two releases: the first, finished version and any subsequent bug fixes. Since it was for said Event, work on the game is almost finished.

    In a way, you could say that The Island is your generic Pokémon game with a trillion twists to it. Guilty as charged.


    The story begins the interval between the first generation and the second (RBY and GSC), shortly after Red returns home after defeating the Elite Four. While it seems that, with Team Rocket’s disappearance, peace has returned, both Red and Blue soon find out that the evil organization still has plans. In an unfortunate turn of events, both Trainers are caught and dropped on a remote island far away from Kanto.

    After some exploring, they find that the island is not uninhabited, however; an elderly man named Redwood gives both a Pokémon, and advises them to journey across the island if they wish to return to Kanto. To do that, they would need to follow the steps of the Skirmishers of old - which is what the island’s inhabitants call trainers - and obtain the skills necessary to overcome all the obstacles they meet.

    Even then, reaching their goal will not be as easy as they thought, as even the island itself plots against their success...


    Short segment of a Kanto in the years between RBY and GSC, in GSC style;
    A completely new island to explore;
    No Marts - only pick-up items and Apricorns;
    No Centers;
    95 secret caves to find to obtain the 95 TMs;
    Several Legend of Zelda-like dungeons and puzzles;





    Tiles -» Nintendo
    Sound Effects -» Nintendo
    Pokémon Essentials -» Maruno/Poccil/Any associate/contributor
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