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Hey,PokeCommunity.This is my Team Recruitment thread for my Hack called Pokemon FireRed 2.I have been interested in Hacking since the first time i downloaded and played a Hack for the first time,it looked really fun to do,so i began Hacking my own Games and have been doing it for a long time.I realized that hacking could be hard to do on my own,so i began to post this team recruitment thread.I do hope to achieve a great Hack,but i need a team to do it,it is not possible to do this whole hack by myself,so i would like to recruit a great team and help make my Hack a complete success.

Pokemon FireRed2 is a hack that takes place in Kanto,Two years later after the events of the Regular FireRed.I have been wanting to do a hack like this for a long time,you know make up my own Future StoryLine for Kanto,based on some of the past Kanto events.It would be great if i can get some Team members for this Hack and make it a great Success.

Rom Base: FireRed
Team Name: Team FireRed2
Hack Name: Pokemon FireRed 2

s i said above,it will take place Two years after the events of the original FireRed Version.Team Rocket has been Disbanded Two Years after the Hero/Heroine has defeated Giovanni at his own Gym,but now Team Rocket has returned,and they have big Plans this time.This time their boss returns and their next main Goal is set on using the 3 birds(Articuno,Moltres,Zapdos) power to destroy the Kanto Region,by causing major dissasters to badly damage the Kanto region,while stealing trainers Pokemon to fight back with ,when there plans are interrupted,meanwhile Giovanni is after Mewtwo,to become more Powerful,a new Hero/Heroine is now beginning an adventure in Kanto.The old Hero Red has become the Kanto Region Champion,while Blue/Gary has become the Viridian Gym Leader.The New Hero/Heroine's second Goal is to stop Team Rockets horrible Plot.

To hear more about the plot or need questions,PM Me here

Application to Join
Proof of Work
Past Experience
Contact Information
Time Zone
Other Information(Optional)

Positions Needed
Banner Maker
TitleScreen Editor
Other Positions Not listed

Team Member List
My 3DS Friend code for Pokemon X and Y if you'd like to add me, PM Me your FC