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Well, Imma go give this a shot! I'd love me a good challenge. :D LET'S DO THIS.

Username: Leaf Storm
Game: LeafGreen
Optional Rules:
You must nickname all of your Pokemon. (highly recommended)
You must change the battle style to SET.
You may not use held items.
You may not use/catch legendary Pokémon.
You may only use PokéBalls.

Bring it on! I'll have my very first update asap. :D

Edit: First Update! (I think the next one will have CSS and all that lmao)

~Started LeafGreen. Picked a boy character and named it Tony....after Tony Stewart. :P
~Named Rival KC...after a friend xD
~Chose Charmander as a starter, named it Mac. :D
~Killed KC's Squirtle :D Mac is now Level 6!
~Didn't have Pokeballs to capture a L3 Pidgey, so I was forced to kill it.
~Made it to Viridian, grabbed Oak's Parcel.
~Obtained Pokedex, Pokeballs, etc.
~Route 1: Encountered with L3 Pidgey, killed it by accident :(
~Mac is now Level 7 and learns Ember!
~Encountered with L4 Rattata, killed by accident. Mac had 4HP, very close!
~Made it to Viridian City

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