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Shadow of the Colossus
I've taken out 9 Colossi so far. I'm not too great at this game but it's pretty good. Hate the controls though.

Alan Wake
My roommate is too scared to play this and he's been pestering me to play for a year now. <_< Finally getting around to it. I appreciate the game because I don't think its story could be told in any other medium which is neat but the game itself is pretty "meh" for me.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
This is okay. I'm crazy so apparently I'm going for completion. I finally got my party in order (Terra, Aerith, Yuna, Lightning :D) though so my will to play sort of dropped a bit since I've accomplished my main achievement.

Tales of Graces f
Started this again with my roommates. :/ Hopefully we get farther than my brother and I did.