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    "There's one thing you've miscalculated... you aren't the only ones to get fired up by your boss' battle!"
    I just really love that quote so much. Because in a war, it's never simply "good versus evil", and that line makes everything seem a lot... grey vs grey. A lot of these soldiers probably look up to Juha Bach in a similar way that they look up to Yamamoto; which I think is really really nice.

    Yamamoto has a thing for burning up three people in one go, no?

    Juha Bach has a sword? Perhaps a zanpakutou?

    OH MAN BANKAI THIS WILL BE GOOD. I think he maybe might try and just burn everything before he can steal it? Or perhaps he's banking on the thought that his reiatsu is so massive and his flames so powerful that trying to steal it would be too difficult/impossible? Maybe his bankai is like Ichigo's stoic phase where he "converted reiatsu into pure strength" or something.
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