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    Basically my deck revolves around steelix prime and the option to have as many energys as possible. I already started to plan my deck but I'm stuck on what last Pokemon card to put in it or if I need to take out any. So I could use some help. Here is my deck.


    4 onix
    4 steelix prime
    2 blissey prime
    4 skarmories-ones with steel coat
    4 smeargle UD
    4 jirachi rr
    1 shaymin
    2 cleffa- had 3 before but I don't know if I should keep the cleffas
    1 lanturn prime- for tech support and I know I need a chinchou to get lanturn going but I don't know what card to get rid of


    4 double colorless
    4 special metal energy
    5 metal energy


    4 Bebes search

    3 Pokemon collector
    3 expert belt
    2 proffesor oaks new theory
    2 palmers contribution
    4 life herbs
    4 poke healer
    1 interviewers questions
    2 warp point
    1 luxury ball
    3 Pokemon communication
    3 engineers adjustment

    So please tell me if my deck is any good, and if I should take out some cards
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