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    Robert Hawkins

    The sun stung his eyes as Robert finally left the temple. Blinking he stumbled back towards the market. His bag was heavy with orb he had acquired for the stall holder.
    "I wonder what the man is planning to do with these things....If I hadnt promised I'd seriously consider keeping them," He was speaking aloud again and the early risers, which were now beginning to clog up the small village streets, were giving him strange looks. Yawning he ignored them and continued on trying to get a plan together. As he did so the low mumbling of many voices began to grow louder, it was constantly being pierced by shouts as stall holders vied for the attention of the swelling throng.
    The voices were almost deafening and seemed to go on and on. It was a wonder they kept their voices. Signs everywhere displayed the many places the goods had come from.

    After fighting his way through the ever growing throng Robert found the stall he had visited before. It was in a quieter area of the market dedicated to more specialist goods. The man still stood at his post and the thought struck Robert that he perhaps never slept. Shaking off such preposterous thoughts Robert approached. "Hello again!" He greeted the man as he fought back a yawn.
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