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    Your event's page 3 should be set to Autorun, as the wiki states. The two commands that are in it make sure that it only runs once, not repeatedly.

    If all you want is to manipulate some switches and variables, then add those as event commands into page 3.

    Actually, try something like this:

    Page 1 (Action):
    Page 2 (Autorun):
    Depends on Global Switch with name s:expired?(25200)&&tsOff?("A")
    @>Script: setTempSwitchOn("A")
    @>Script: pbSetEventTime
    @>Control Variables: [0042: Teh wetha!] += 1
    Page 3 (Autorun):
    Depends on Variable 0042 ==0
    @>Control Variables: [0042: Teh wetha!] = 1
    @>Script: pbSetEventTime
    It's a bit different. Basically, page 3 initialises the weather and never matters again. Page 2 happens and progresses the weather if the time has elapsed, and if not, page 1 happens (i.e. nothing).

    Of course, you'll have your own weather manipulation ideas. The above just shows where you'd put them. Make sure never to have a situation where page 3 would activate again.
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