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    It's not really an 100% death scene.
    But mine is in Golden Sun 2 : the Lost Age.

    After reaching the top of the final lighthouse of mars, symbol for fire. The wise one confronts Isaac and Co. while he's companioning with the enemy Felix and Co. He disallows you to light the lighthouse on the excuse of the world is not ready and weyard shall fall into chaos, darkness and war. So he exclaims ''If you can kill a miracle you can be worthy of lighting the final beacon.'' Dissappearing he leaves behind a large three headed dragon. The team being confused the approach to defeat the dragon. While Scholar and old friend Kraden realises something but it's too late to stop, as the dragon attacks. After the large gruesome fight, Kraden stands from a distance in despair.The dragon's body begins to fade and the heads it had change to human bodies. Of Isaac's Dad and Felix and Jenna's Parents. They look dead, and Garet curses the Wise one, and Mia and Ivan join in, saying how he's not a god to make them attack their own family. The team light the lighthouse and the world's balance begins to be restored. They rest in the town of Proxx at the base of the lighthouse, now free of the deadly snowstorms, and the team's parents slowly recover and they make their way home.

    Iit was touching because you feel all triumpant of defeating the final boss, and it turns out, you could of murdered your parents if you did it any worse( more strength).
    Kinda touches you and kills ya mood.
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