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Originally Posted by Spherical Ice View Post
Huh, I really expected -ty-'s to place at least third place. I kinda feel guilty now lol
haha, don't feel guilty!!!

Yours was very cute, and the idea that golette's energy source and soul was fire, was creative, as opposed to the obvious, take a pokemon and add flames to it.

I think I restricted myself a bit with cherubi, although it turned-out decently.

BTW, I think you should have entered that Cradily with a bit of alteration to the joint between the flame neck and body. The singed prongs on its head would have been a showstopper!
Ugh, I should have taken inspiration from this and singed my Cherubi's leaves

Question...If we suggest a theme in a general sense, are we still able to compete in that competition. For example, if I suggested doing an amalgamation with a certain palette restriction, would that make me ineligible to compete. For the record, amalgamations are not my cup of tea, just used as an example.