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Oo this sounds interesting :o

Design a bird-type ability, give it a name and description. Then explain which Pokemon would use it.
Hmm.. I think I'm gonna go with Sonic Boom. The name comes from breaking the speed of sound, so the ability will cause damage to the opponent each time the Pokémon's Speed stat is raised, with the damage caused increasing with each tier the speed is raised. :D The bird Pokémon starts flying faster and faster, breaking the speed of sound and causing a massive sonic boom effect! It'd be saved for extremely fast bird Pokémon such as Swellow, Staraptor and Fearow :3

As for Rainbow Arcanine's Armoured Wings ability, I think it sounds great but waaayyy too good xD Also I kinda don't get why it's defence would increase when it gets hit considering the wings are the most frail part of a bird xD But I like the idea nonetheless! :D