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Hi guys! Just a little moderator note here, when answering topics like the one above (favourite Fire types of each generation), please make sure to give details and explanations as to why you like the Pokémon rather than just listing them or the posts are considered spam! :) I'll let these slide for now but please edit them soon to include explanations. :D

Also as another note, the amount of topics in this club is huuugggeee, and whilst that's not necessarily a bad thing, I suggest cutting back on how frequently new topics come up since a lot of them are becoming very similar/spammy and slower members won't be able to keep up! :3 It's recommended that you only change the topic around 2-4 times a week and discuss them which each other in more detail rather than giving short answers and moving on, so it'd be nice to see some more detailed discussion please as the posts are starting to get rather spammy. :)