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Sara sat there for hours staring at the ball, "How do I know if the thing is caught!" She yelled infuriated. She heard a man laugh behind her. "Who's there?!" She popped up and was ready to fight.

"You know if you've caught a pokemon if you hear a click, though normally if its in its ball for an entire hour you should know you have it." The man in a lab coat laughed again. "I'm surprised you caught the pokemon using your own strength, most people use other pokemon like they are supposed to." He took a second look at Sara, "Are you Sara Lain?"

"Why yes I am, are you a doctor?" Sara hadn't seen a scientist before nor a doctor but she assumed that a fifty/fifty chance was just as good.

The man laughed again, "No I'm the Professor here, Birch" He pulled out a field bag, "I expected to meet you in my lab formally but after you were so late I decided you wouldn't come. Then I noticed your little pokemon troubles and watched. I've got to say you are persistent, especially for such a common pokemon." He rummaged through his pack and handed Sara a pokedex, "I need you to fill that with information, can you do that?" Sara nodded. He handed her five pokeballs, "You know how these work now so I don't need to say much about them, I had more but there were a lot of adventurers like you and we started to run out.". He handed her three potions, and told her to release her Zigzagoon, he took a fourth potion out, at first the Zigzagoon was a little nervous, but he calmed it down with some oran berries "To use potions, simply spray it directly where the damage is. Okay?" Sara nodded again. "That should be all you need, I don't want you ever directly engaging pokemon like that again okay? It is the improper way and is a good way to get yourself hurt. Pokemon are much more resilient than humans are."

"Yes sir, I promise I won't directly fight any wild pokemon." Sara was reasonable and knew that it was a fair promise, not to mention she thought she was stronger than any pokemon and could easily hurt them by accident. "So can I go?"

"Do you have a cellphone by any chance?"

"Not really, I've never had technology other than to cook." She smiled at that, she was a terrible cook and could barely work the stove.

"Well when you get to Rustboro try to pick one up, Devon Corp. will give you one if you say I sent you."

"Thank you sir, I will do my best to catch, train, and get as much info on pokemon as possible!" Then before another word from Birch could be said, she had ran off with Zigzagoon on her trail.

She stopped at Oldale town to pick up some more supplies, she looked down at the Zigzagoon who was still following her, "What should I call you?" the little pokemon seemed to want something so she pulled out an oran berry and tossed it to him, "Hm, I was told these berries are called Oran Berries, so how about Orrie?" She like the sound of it cause it reminded her about her hometown and the goal she set for herself, "Well my name is Sara and you are my first, thus best pokemon!" She walked into the store and bought as many oran berries as she could, along with another five pokeballs.
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