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Originally Posted by Abra Kadabra Alakazam View Post
Current team:

Spinarak (level-10)
Abra (level-10)
Poliwag (level-10)
Doduo (level-11)
Chikorita (level-12)
Torchic (level-14)
My progress so far: 2 badges, 14 owned, 153 seen

Current team:

Poliwhirl (level-25)
It sucks now, to be honest.. I'm just waiting for the evolution to Politoed.

Eevee (level-26)
Good addition to the team, I don't really fight much with Eevee. I'm awaiting the evolution to Umbreon and I've equipped it with a Soothe Bell, as well as using a few Zincs to get the happiness up.

Doduo (level-26)
Doduo is probably one of the staples to my team. It's fast, and it packs a HUGE punch. Can't wait for the evolution to Dodrio soon.

Ariados (level-26)
Ariados, a good attacker with a bad movepool at this level. This pokemon is statistically, probably the best on my team.

Combusken (level-27)
Not planning on keeping Combusken for long. I'm using him as an HM Slave (Cut/Rock Smash) and to take out any grass threats with Ember (should be Ariados' job, but it doesn't know any Bug moves yet...)

Kadabra (level-27)
High special attack as expected. This guy one hits a lot of pokemon at or below his level with Psybeam. Kadabra will only improve more and more once he evolves.
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