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Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
Which 2 Gym Leaders impress you the most with their newer, recent appearances since their debut?

I'm kinda confused by this topic. If you mean with the B2W2 gym leaders, 2 is kinda of an irrational number, since most of them haven't even been seen yet, though if it's all the gym leaders, which is more likely, I don't have a clue. I still haven't played any of the newer games yet (that means all the way back to HG/SS), which is from that point I think most of the gym leader have had their appearances, and in the anime it's been quite a while since the last.
... Yeah I'm kinda going with this reply haha. I don't particularly know what you're asking, but the only time gym leaders have had a reappearance recently that I can think of is in BW2 which I haven't actually played, and I'm not really sure what you're looking for by "impressed" in relation to this... x] But I'll try answering, although it has spoilers from BW2 so I'll spoiler it. :D

Based on what I've heard so far about the new games, I've gotta go with Brycen. His whole transition into the movie world is impressive considering his previous stature as a strong and quiet gym leader, so seeing him in the movie world is great. :3 I think Elesa looks a look stronger and more professional with her new look in the BW2 trailers as well so I'm going with her too! And of course Iris is impressive by becoming champion, but that's a given. xD