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Originally Posted by Medlis View Post
From what I've heard, NU does seem more fun. But I think I'd like to try UU out, test the waters I guess.

I took a look over at the Smogon tier list, (I'm not sure how accurate it is) and some of the pokemon I'm intrested in on their B/W tier list for UU are;
Blastiose, Stoutland, Zoroark, Mismagius, Slowbro, Sableye, Nidoking and Houndoom.
People in Smogon make the tiers based on their usage in OU. Some UU Pokemon are viable in OU, however, like Zoroark and Slowbro; other Pokemon, like Blastoise, aren't the case.

Just try to put sets together for those Pokemon and we'll see what else we can do.